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    This document describes how to configure your client and run the demo.

    All the tools and demos are available in the Github repository.

    Setting up your Client

    Configuring the client

    Modify the file QCloudCOSXMLDemo/QCloudCOSXMLDemo/key.json by adding your APPID, secretID, and secretKey, and then run the following command:

    pod install

    Get your APPID, secretID and secretKey from the API Key Management page.

    After executing the command, open QCloudCOSXMLDemo.xcworkspace to view the Demo.

    Running the demo

    Querying a bucket list

    Open the example App, and you will see the buckets you have created.

    Creating a bucket

    Click Create Bucket in the top-right corner to open the configuration page, enter the bucket name and select the bucket region.

    Querying an object list

    Select a bucket, and enter its details page where you will see all the files and folders in it.

    Uploading a file

    Click Upload in the top-right corner of the file list page, and select files to upload. You can also set their access permission and upload status.

    Downloading or deleting a file

    Click a file name, and then click Download or Delete.

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