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Object Access URL

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    This document provides code samples to generate an object access URL.
    The URL generated here shows the path to the object in the COS.


    The URL generated using this API cannot be used to access private-read objects.

    Getting an object access URL

    Method prototype

    public URL getObjectUrl(String bucketName, String key);

    Sample request

    // Identity information does not need to be verified.
    COSCredentials cred = new AnonymousCOSCredentials();
    // `ClientConfig` contains the COS client configuration for subsequent COS requests.
    ClientConfig clientConfig = new ClientConfig();
    // Set the bucket region.
    // For more information on COS regions, please visit https://intl.cloud.tencent.com/document/product/436/6224.
    clientConfig.setRegion(new Region("COS_REGION"));
    // Set the URL generation request protocol, `http` or `https`.
    // For 5.6.53 and earlier versions, HTTPS is recommended.
    // Starting from 5.6.54, HTTPS is used by default.
    // Generate the COS client.
    COSClient cosclient = new COSClient(cred, clientConfig);
    // Enter the bucket name in the format of `BucketName-APPID`.
    String bucketName = "examplebucket-1250000000";
    // Object key, the unique ID of an object in a bucket. For more information, please see [Object Key](https://intl.cloud.tencent.com/document/product/436/13324).
    String key = "exampleobject";
    System.out.println(cosclient.getObjectUrl(bucketName, key));

    Parameter description

    Parameter Description Type Required
    Bucket Bucket name in the format of BucketName-APPID String Yes
    Key Object key, the unique ID of an object in a bucket. For more information, please see Object Key String Yes
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