Partner Ecosystem Program

The program is committed to building a partner ecosystem
that allows all partners to develop best practices and solutions based on Tencent Cloud.

Discover Our Partner Programs

  • 01


    Supports the marketing and sales of Tencent Cloud's products and services.

  • 02


    Provides software development based on Tencent Cloud, as well as standalone software, SaaS, PaaS, SDK and security software.

  • 03


    Provides Tencent Cloud customers with OPS and implementation services related to cloud products.

  • 04


    Offers cloud related consulting services to Tencent Cloud customers.

Partners Success Stories

  • The world leader in visual computing
    The world leader in visual computing technology and the inventor of GPU. Tencent Cloud and NVIDIA established a strategic partnership in March 2017 to release GPU sharing VMs based on the Tesla P40, M40 GPUs and the high-performance Cloud Physical Machine.
  • Network solutions provider
    The world leader in Internet solutions. Tencent Cloud and Cisco work together to provide a complete set of IT and Internet solutions, allowing enterprise customers to share collaborative platforms in real time.
  • Audit and management consulting
    Top ranking international consulting company. Tencent Cloud teams up with Deloitte to provide solutions based on "Internet+", cloud computing and big data, empowering enterprise customers through digital transformation and the cloud business.

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