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Winners of Tencent Cloud Global V+ Challenge Unveiled

5 outstanding enterprises from around the globe were awarded for this Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Tencent Cloud Global V+ Challenge, a global audio/ video solutions contest, successfully concluded on March 11, 2022. Five outstanding enterprises presented their innovative and visionary business plans with the use of audio and video cloud technologies at the finale, and received accolades and a total of USD70,000 credits from Tencent Cloud.

The winners were as follows:

  • - Champion: BeHear by Alango (Israel)
  • - First Runner-up: LopMe by Kotic Bilişim Inc. (Turkey)
  • - Second Runner-up: NEVV by PT Electronic Sports Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • - Winner of the Use Case Innovation Award: Incus Company Limited (Hong Kong)
  • - Winner of the Technology Innovation Award: Vydhub by Ionnex (Malaysia)

The V+ Challenge was designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses across all industries into expanding their digital knowledge and experience, effectively providing them tools to adapt to the fast-evolving world of entrepreneurship. Contesting enterprises were required to submit a business plan and a product, and to innovate on use cases and best practices based on Tencent Cloud’s high-quality audio and video cloud technologies.

Winners Showcase

Champion: BeHear by Alango

Alango Technologies Ltd is a company specializing in embedded digital audio processing solutions, including car hands-free, Bluetooth headsets, true wireless headsets, conferencing systems, hearing enhancement solutions and more. BeHear was developed by Alango and focuses on a range of smart hearing enhancement devices. The core competitive advantage of the project is the in-house proprietary algorithm, which uses Alango Technologies Digital Audio processing (DSP) technology to give BeHear all the capabilities of high-end hearing aids. BeHear is packed with a lot of unique and powerful features powered by Alango, includingEasyListen, ListenThrough, SoundFocus, and more, in which some of them are not even found in any hearing devices in the market. Its reasonable price positioning and fashionable outlook tackle the major pain points faced by users with hearing loss on traditional hearing aids.

As the champion of the challenge, Alango received USD 30,000 credits for Tencent Cloud services.

First Runner-up: LopMe by Kotic Bilişim Inc.

Developed by the Kotic Bilişim team, LopMe is Turkey's first local live broadcast and short video sharing application. It is an entrepreneurship project that develops mobile live broadcasting applications using the latest technology in Turkey and global markets. Prepared using live streaming technology, this application allows the community to have more fun and socialize.

As the first runner-up of the challenge, Kotic Bilişim Inc. received USD 20,000 credits for Tencent Cloud services.

Second Runner-up: NEVV by PT Electronic Sports Indonesia

Developed by PT Electronic Sports Indonesia or ESID, NEVV is an esports meta platform that meets the needs of gamers through events, content creations and social collaborations. NEVV also serves as a robust marketing channel for brand owners to reach out to these highly engaged gamers.

In addition, ESID partners with Indonesia Official Esports Association PBESI to expedite the growth of Indonesia esports ecosystem through NEVV.

As the second runner-up of the challenge, PT Electronic Sports Indonesia received USD 10,000 credits for Tencent Cloud services.

Winner of the Use Case Innovation Award: Incus Company Limited

Incus Company Limited was founded by a complementary group of audio technologists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) who shared a vision to provide easier-to-use hearing devices and a comfortable listening experience. Incus is developing the next generation of IoT hearing aids powered by intelligent noise-canceling technology to automatically reduce background noise and amplify speech, delivering superior performance and customized listening comfort - especially in noisy environments. The competition project is the brain-inspired audio processing of intelligent loT hearing aids. Its advantage is that the professional chip is equipped with self-developed algorithms, which allows their product to constantly adapt to the need of each user compared with traditional chips. At the same time, self-developed certified audiometric technology, low latency earphone hearing solutions, and cloud-based customized solution, with full coverage of the assistive listening function, can better solve the hearing problems for a wide variety of users in dynamic environmental sounds.

As the winner of the Use Case Innovation Award, Incus Company Limited received USD 5,000 credits for Tencent Cloud services.

Winner of the Technology Innovation Award: Vydhub by Ionnex

Since 2002, Ionnex started its life as mobile enterprise software solutions. As hard work and dedication resulting in one innovative product/ service after another, the fledging company took its steps by venturing into the mobile content, aggregation business, banking, financial services and fintech. Ionnex focused on the mobile services and solutions in order to translate their customers’ needs into the values and lifestyles.

Ionnex created Vydhub to address the need of virtual communication and also safety during the COVID-19 pandemic scourge. Vydhub addresses the multi-domain and requirements of financial services providers (banks, insurers, fintechs, etc,) to address key requirements of digital onboarding, KYC and sign-up registration.

As the winner of the Technology Innovation Award, Ionnex received USD 5,000 credits for Tencent Cloud services.





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