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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:07

Based on native Kubernetes, Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) is a container-oriented, highly scalable, and high-performance container management service. It is fully compatible with the native Kubernetes APIs and adds Tencent Cloud's Kubernetes plugins such as CBS and CLB. It provides containerized applications with a complete set of features ranging from efficient deployment and resource scheduling to service discovery and dynamic scaling, which solves environment consistency issues in the process of development, testing, and OPS, makes it much easier to manage large-scale container clusters, and helps reduce costs and improve efficiency. TKE is free of charge currently, but other involved Tencent Cloud services are billed separately.

TKE operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding existing node tke AddExistedInstances
Canceling application installation tke CancelClusterRelease
Opening cluster access port tke CreateClusterEndpoint
Opening the port for access over public network of managed cluster tke CreateClusterEndpointVip
Adding (or creating) cluster node tke CreateClusterInstances
Creating application in cluster tke CreateClusterRelease
Deleting cluster tke DeleteCluster
Deleting cluster scaling group tke DeleteClusterAsGroups
Deleting cluster access port tke DeleteClusterEndpoint
Deleting the port for access over public network of managed cluster tke DeleteClusterEndpointVip
Deleting cluster node tke DeleteClusterInstances
Querying cluster scaling group attribute tke DescribeClusterAsGroupOption
Querying cluster scaling group list tke DescribeClusterAsGroups
Querying the status of cluster access port tke DescribeClusterEndpointStatus
Querying the openness status of the port for access over public network of managed cluster tke DescribeClusterEndpointVipStatus
Querying cluster node tke DescribeClusterInstances
Querying application being installed tke DescribeClusterPendingReleases
Querying cluster application details tke DescribeClusterReleaseDetails
Querying installed application in cluster tke DescribeClusterReleases
Querying cluster key tke DescribeClusterSecurity
Draining node tke DrainClusterNode
Modifying cluster scaling group attribute tke ModifyClusterAsGroupAttribute
Modifying cluster scaling attribute tke ModifyClusterAsGroupOptionAttribute
Modifying cluster attribute tke ModifyClusterAttribute
Modifying the security group of the port for access over public network for managed cluster tke ModifyClusterEndpointSP
Deleting installed application tke UninstallClusterRelease
Upgrading cluster authorization mode tke UpgradeClusterAuthorizationMode
Upgrading application tke UpgradeClusterRelease
Deleting image repositories in batches ccr BatchDeleteRepository
Deleting image tags in batches ccr BatchDeleteTag
Creating image repository namespace ccr CreateCCRNamespace
Creating image repository ccr CreateRepository
Adding node ccs AddClusterInstances
Adding existing CVM instance to cluster ccs AddClusterInstancesFromExistedCvm
Checking for cluster route table conflict ccs CheckClusterRouteTableCidrConflict
Creating cluster ccs CreateCluster
Creating cluster namespace ccs CreateClusterNamespace
Creating cluster route ccs CreateClusterRoute
Creating cluster route table ccs CreateClusterRouteTable
Creating service ccs CreateClusterService
Creating CLB instance ccs CreateIngress
Creating log collector ccs CreateLogCollector
Deleting cluster ccs DeleteCluster
Deleting cluster namespace ccs DeleteClusterNamespace
Deleting cluster route ccs DeleteClusterRoute
Deleting cluster route table ccs DeleteClusterRouteTable
Deleting service ccs DeleteClusterService
Deleting instance ccs DeleteInstances
Deleting log collector ccs DeleteLogCollector
Pulling cluster list ccs DescribeCluster
Pulling cluster container list ccs DescribeClusterContainer
Pulling server list ccs DescribeClusterInstances
Pulling namespace list ccs DescribeClusterNamespaces
Pulling the request and limit information of cluster ccs DescribeClusterRequestLimitInfo
Querying cluster route ccs DescribeClusterRoute
Querying cluster route table ccs DescribeClusterRouteTable
Pulling service list ccs DescribeClusterService
Pulling service details ccs DescribeClusterServiceInfo
Pulling the list of layer-7 CLB instances ccs DescribeIngress
Getting container log ccs DescribeInstanceLog
Pulling service event list ccs DescribeServiceEvent
Pulling instance list ccs DescribeServiceInstance
Enabling cluster log service ccs EnableLogDaemon
Getting log collector ccs GetLogCollector
Getting the enablement status of cluster log service ccs GetLogDaemonStatus
Listing log collectors ccs ListLogCollector
Setting whether the cluster node is schedulable ccs ModifyClusterNodeSchedulable
Modifying service ccs ModifyClusterService
Modifying cluster service image ccs ModifyClusterServiceImage
Updating the number of instances ccs ModifyServiceReplicas
Modifying CLB instance ccs MosifyIngress
Redeploying service ccs RedeployClusterService
Rolling back service ccs RollbackClusterService
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