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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:08

Tencent Container Registry (TCR) is an on-cloud container image hosting service provided by Tencent Cloud. It supports Docker images, Helm chart storage and distribution, and image security scanning and provides fine-grained access permission management and network access control for organizational users. It supports global image sync and triggering, so organizational users can expand their business globally and implement workflow CI/CD with containers. It offers large-scale container clusters with over 1,000 nodes to pull large gigabyte-level images concurrently, ensuring ultra-fast business deployment. With TCR, you can enjoy a secure and efficient image hosting and distribution service in the cloud with no need to build and maintain such service on your own. In addition, TCR can be used together with TKE to deliver a smoother on-cloud container user experience.

TCR operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Deleting image tags in batches tcr BatchDeleteImagePersonal
Deleting image repositories in batches tcr BatchDeleteRepositoryPersonal
Creating Enterprise Edition instance tcr CreateInstance
Getting temporary login password tcr CreateInstanceToken
Creating namespace tcr CreateNamespacePersonal
Creating image repository for Personal Edition instance tcr CreateRepositoryPersonal
Creating public network access policy tcr CreateSecurityPolicy
Deleting the automatic global image tag clearance policy of Personal Edition instance tcr DeleteImageLifecycleGlobalPersonal
Deleting image tag tcr DeleteImagePersonal
Deleting instance tcr DeleteInstance
Deleting long-term access credential tcr DeleteInstanceToken
Deleting namespace tcr DeleteNamespacePersonal
Deleting image repository tcr DeleteRepositoryPersonal
Deleting the allowed public network access policy of instance tcr DeleteSecurityPolicy
Querying long-term access credential information tcr DescribeInstanceToken
Managing instance public network access tcr ManageExternalEndpoint
Setting the automatic global image tag clearance policy of Personal Edition instance tcr ManageImageLifecycleGlobalPersonal
Managing VPC access over private network for instance tcr ManageInternalEndpoint
Managing instance sync tcr ManageReplication
Updating the long-term access credential of instance tcr ModifyInstanceToken
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