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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:08

Cloud Log Service (CLS) is a one-stop log data solution. After quickly and easily connecting to it (which takes about 5 minutes), you can enjoy comprehensive, stable, and reliable log services such as log capture, storage, content search, statistics collection, and analysis with no need to care about resource scaling. It helps you locate business problems, monitor metrics, perform security audit, and solve other log problems, greatly lowering your log OPS threshold.

CLS operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Consumer heartbeat cls consumerGroupHeartBeat
Creating chart cls CreateChart
Creating consumer group cls createConsumerGroup
Creating dashboard cls CreateDashboard
Creating logset cls createLogset
Creating server group cls createMachineGroup
Creating shipping configuration cls createShipper
Creating log topic cls createTopic
Deleting chart cls DeleteChart
Deleting consumer group cls deleteConsumerGroup
Deleting dashboard cls DeleteDashboard
Deleting logset cls deleteLogset
Deleting server group cls deleteMachineGroup
Deleting shipping configuration cls deleteShipper
Deleting log topic cls deleteTopic
Getting consumer group cursor cls getConsumerGroupCursor
Getting log cursor cls getCursor
Getting dashboard information cls GetDashboard
Getting fast analysis result cls GetFastAnalysis
Getting the histogram of the number of logs cls GetHistogram
Getting index configuration cls getIndex
Getting logset details cls getLogset
Getting server group details cls getMachineGroup
Getting server status cls getMachineStatus
Getting shipping configuration details cls getShipper
Getting log topic details cls getTopic
Getting chart list cls ListChart
Getting consumer group list cls listConsumerGroup
Getting dashboard list cls ListDashboard
Getting logset list cls listLogset
Getting server group list cls listMachineGroup
Getting topic partition list cls listPartitions
Getting shipping configuration list cls listShipper
Getting shipping task list cls listShipperTask
Getting log topic list cls listTopic
Modifying chart cls ModifyChart
Modifying consumer group cls modifyConsumerGroup
Modifying consumer group cursor cls modifyConsumerGroupCursor
Modifying index configuration cls modifyIndex
Modifying logset cls modifyLogset
Modifying server group cls modifyMachineGroup
Modifying shipping configuration cls modifyShipper
Modifying log topic cls modifyTopic
Splitting/Merging topic partition cls updatePartition
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