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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:10

Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a distributed storage service that can store a high number of files and features high scalability, cost effectiveness, reliability, and security. You can connect to it easily and quickly through a diversity of means such as the console, API, SDK, and tools to upload, download, and manage files in various formats for storage and management of massive amounts of data.

COS operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Deleting bucket cos DeleteBucket
Deleting bucket CORS cos DeleteBucketCORS
Deleting domain cos DeleteBucketDomain
Deleting bucket encryption setting cos DeleteBucketEncryption
Deleting inventory cos DeleteBucketInventory
Deleting bucket lifecycle configuration cos DeleteBucketLifecycle
BucketWrite_All cos DeleteBucketOrigin
Deleting bucket permission policy cos DeleteBucketPolicy
DeleteBucketReplication cos DeleteBucketReplication
DeleteBucketTagging cos DeleteBucketTagging
DeleteBucketWebsite cos DeleteBucketWebsite
DeleteObjectTagging cos DeleteObjectTagging
GetBucketAccelerate cos GetBucketAccelerate
Reading bucket ACP operation group cos GetBucketACL
GetBucketCORS cos GetBucketCORS
Getting domain cos GetBucketDomain
Getting bucket encryption cos GetBucketEncryption
Getting inventory cos GetBucketInventory
GetBucketLifecycle cos GetBucketLifecycle
GetBucketLogging cos GetBucketLogging
GetBucketNotification cos GetBucketNotification
GetBucketObjectVersions cos GetBucketObjectVersions
BucketRead_All cos GetBucketOrigin
GetBucketPolicy cos GetBucketPolicy
GetBucketReferer cos GetBucketReferer
GetBucketReplication cos GetBucketReplication
GetBucketTagging cos GetBucketTagging
GetBucketVersioning cos GetBucketVersioning
GetBucketWebsite cos GetBucketWebsite
Reading object ACP operation group cos GetObjectACL
GetObjectTagging cos GetObjectTagging
GetService cos GetService
ListMultipartUploads cos ListMultipartUploads
Restoring archived file cos PostObjectRestore
PutBucket cos PutBucket
PutBucketAccelerate cos PutBucketAccelerate
Writing bucket ACL operation group cos PutBucketACL
PutBucketCORS cos PutBucketCORS
Setting domain cos PutBucketDomain
Setting bucket encryption cos PutBucketEncryption
Setting inventory cos PutBucketInventory
PutBucketLifecycle cos PutBucketLifecycle
PutBucketLogging cos PutBucketLogging
PutBucketNotification cos PutBucketNotification
PutBucketOrigin cos PutBucketOrigin
PutBucketPolicy cos PutBucketPolicy
PutBucketReferer cos PutBucketReferer
PutBucketReplication cos PutBucketReplication
PutBucketTagging cos PutBucketTagging
PutBucketVersioning cos PutBucketVersioning
PutBucketWebsite cos PutBucketWebsite
PutObjectTagging cos PutObjectTagging
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