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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:09

Cloud File Storage (CFS) provides a scalable shared file storage service that can be used with Tencent Cloud services such as CVM. CFS offers standard NFS file system access protocol as well as shared data sources for multiple CVM instances. It supports elastic capacity and performance scaling. Your existing applications can be mounted for use without modification required. As a highly available and reliable distributed file system, CFS is suitable for various scenarios such as big data analysis, media processing, and content management.

CFS operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding file system cfs CreateCfsFileSystem
Creating permission group cfs CreateCfsPGroup
Creating permission group rule cfs CreateCfsRule
Deleting file system cfs DeleteCfsFileSystem
Deleting permission group cfs DeleteCfsPGroup
Deleting permission group rule cfs DeleteCfsRule
Deleting mount target cfs DeleteMountTarget
Querying file system cfs DescribeCfsFileSystems
Querying permission group list cfs DescribeCfsPGroups
Querying permission group rule list cfs DescribeCfsRules
Querying KMS key cfs DescribeKmsKeys
Querying file system mount target cfs DescribeMountTargets
Activating CFS cfs SignUpCfsService
Updating file system name cfs UpdateCfsFileSystemName
Updating the permission group of file system cfs UpdateCfsFileSystemPGroup
Updating file system space limit cfs UpdateCfsFileSystemSizeLimit
Updating permission group information cfs UpdateCfsPGroup
Updating permission group rule cfs UpdateCfsRule
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