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TencentDB for MySQL

Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:10

TencentDB for MySQL provides secure, reliable, and easy-to-maintain database services based on MySQL, the most popular open-source database in the world. It enables you to implement database deployment and auto scaling within minutes, which is not only cost-effective, but also stable, reliable, and easy to maintain. As a complete database solution with various features such as backup and restoration, monitoring, disaster recovery, fast scaling, and data transfer, it simplifies your database OPS and allows you to focus more on business development.

TencentDB for MySQL operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding maintenance window to TencentDB instance cdb AddTimeWindow
Binding security groups in batches cdb AssociateSecurityGroups
Balancing load in RO group cdb BalanceRoGroupLoad
Canceling task cdb CancelDBInstanceTask
Disabling public network access for instance cdb CloseWanService
Creating TencentDB account cdb CreateAccounts
Creating TencentDB instance backup cdb CreateBackup
Creating data import task cdb CreateDBImportJob
Creating TencentDB instance cdb CreateDBInstance
Creating pay-as-you-go TencentDB instance cdb CreateDBInstanceHour
Creating monitoring template item cdb CreateMonitorTemplate
Creating parameter template cdb CreateParamTemplate
Binding independent VIP to RO instance cdb CreateRoInstanceIp
Deleting TencentDB account cdb DeleteAccounts
Deleting TencentDB backup cdb DeleteBackup
Deleting monitoring template item cdb DeleteMonitorTemplate
Deleting parameter template cdb DeleteParamTemplate
Deleting time window related to TencentDB instance cdb DeleteTimeWindow
Querying the permission information of TencentDB account cdb DescribeAccountPrivileges
Querying the information of all TencentDB accounts cdb DescribeAccounts
Querying the execution result of the async task of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeAsyncRequestInfo
Querying the configuration information of TencentDB instance backup cdb DescribeBackupConfig
Querying the list of backup databases cdb DescribeBackupDatabases
Querying the backup log of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeBackups
Querying the backup table list of specified database cdb DescribeBackupTables
Getting the binary log of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeBinlogs
Querying TencentDB instance database cdb DescribeDatabases
Querying databases of TencentDB instances in batches cdb DescribeDatabasesForInstances
Querying import task operation log cdb DescribeDBImportRecords
Querying the character set of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeDBInstanceCharset
Querying TencentDB instance configuration cdb DescribeDBInstanceConfig
Querying the estimated restart time of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeDBInstanceRebootTime
Querying instance list cdb DescribeDBInstances
Querying TencentDB instance route cdb DescribeDBRoutes
Querying the security group information of instance cdb DescribeDBSecurityGroups
Getting instance switch log cdb DescribeDBSwitchRecords
Querying the list of default configurable parameters cdb DescribeDefaultParams
Getting error log details of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeErrLogInfo
Querying instance parameter modification records cdb DescribeInstanceParamRecords
Querying the list of configurable parameters for instance cdb DescribeInstanceParams
Querying monitoring template item cdb DescribeMonitorTemplate
Querying parameter template details cdb DescribeParamTemplateInfo
Querying parameter template list cdb DescribeParamTemplates
Querying the security group information of project cdb DescribeProjectSecurityGroups
Querying the execution result of async task cdb DescribeRequestResult
Querying RO group details cdb DescribeRoGroupInfo
Querying the RO group information of specified source instance cdb DescribeRoGroups
Querying the time range available for rollback cdb DescribeRollbackRangeTime
Getting the minimum purchasable specification of read-only instance cdb DescribeRoMinScale
Getting the slow query analysis log of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeSlowLogInfo
Getting the slow query log of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeSlowLogs
Querying the information of supported TencentDB instance permissions cdb DescribeSupportedPrivileges
Querying database table column cdb DescribeTableColumns
Querying database table cdb DescribeTables
Querying the task list of TencentDB instance cdb DescribeTasks
Querying time window related to instance cdb DescribeTimeWindow
File import: getting uploaded file cdb DescribeUploadedFiles
Unbinding security groups in batches cdb DisassociateSecurityGroups
Initializing TencentDB instance cdb InitDBInstances
Isolating TencentDB instance cdb IsolateDBInstance
Terminating TencentDB instance execution thread cdb KillDBProcessByIds
Modifying the remarks of TencentDB instance account cdb ModifyAccountDescription
Modifying the password of TencentDB instance account cdb ModifyAccountPassword
Modifying the permission of TencentDB instance account cdb ModifyAccountPrivileges
Modifying the auto-renewal flag of TencentDB instance cdb ModifyAutoRenewFlag
Modifying the backup configuration information of TencentDB instance cdb ModifyBackupConfig
Modifying TencentDB instance name cdb ModifyDBInstanceName
Modifying the project of TencentDB instance cdb ModifyDBInstanceProject
Modifying security group bound to instance cdb ModifyDBInstanceSecurityGroups
Modifying the VIP and Vport of TencentDB instance cdb ModifyDBInstanceVipVport
Modifying instance parameter cdb ModifyInstanceParam
Modifying parameter template cdb ModifyParamTemplate
Updating RO group information cdb ModifyRoGroupInfo
Modifying the VIP and Vport of RO group cdb ModifyRoGroupVipVport
Updating time window related to instance cdb ModifyTimeWindow
Enabling database instance encryption cdb OpenDBInstanceEncryption
Enabling TencentDB instance GTID cdb OpenDBInstanceGTID
Enabling public network access for instance cdb OpenWanService
Desolating TencentDB instance cdb ReleaseIsolatedDBInstances
Restarting TencentDB instance cdb RestartDBInstances
Viewing MySQL execution thread cdb ShowProcessList
Starting batch rollback task cdb StartBatchRollback
Stopping data import task cdb StopDBImportJob
Switching disaster recovery TencentDB instance to source instance cdb SwitchDrInstanceToMaster
Upgrading switch VIP cdb SwitchForUpgrade
Upgrading TencentDB instance cdb UpgradeDBInstance
Upgrading TencentDB instance version cdb UpgradeDBInstanceEngineVersion
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