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Last updated: 2021-03-12 09:52:10

Slow SQL Analysis APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeSlowLogTimeSeriesStats Gets slow log statistics histogram
DescribeSlowLogTopSqls Queries slow log statistics in specified time period by SQL template

Health Report Email Sending APIs

API Name Feature
AddUserContact Adds the contact information
CreateMailProfile Creates email configuration
CreateSchedulerMailProfile Creates the regularly generated email sending configuration
DescribeAllUserContact Obtains information of the contact in the email
DescribeAllUserGroup Obtains information of the contact group in the email
DescribeMailProfile Obtains email configuration

Other APIs

API Name Feature
CreateDBDiagReportTask Creates a health report generation task
DescribeDBSpaceStatus Queries overview of instance space usage during a specified time period
DescribeDiagDBInstances Obtains instance information list
DescribeHealthScore Obtains health score
DescribeTopSpaceTableTimeSeries Queries daily space statistics of top tables during a specified time period
DescribeTopSpaceTables Queries space statistics of top tables
ModifyDiagDBInstanceConf Enables/disables instance inspection

Exception Detection APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDBDiagEvent Gets diagnosis event details
DescribeDBDiagHistory Gets instance diagnosis history

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