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Video Noise Cancellation

Last updated: 2022-04-06 20:15:37


    VooV Meeting supports video noise cancellation to reduce the video image noise in real time to make the image clearer.


    • Camera: built-in or external camera
    • Logged-in user: Free or Enterprise Edition user
    • Hardware requirements:
      Hardware Requirements
      Windows It should support the AVX mode and have more than 2 CPU cores.
      macOS In Metal mode, the OS X system version should be above 10.11. In AVX mode, the number of CPU cores should be above 2.
      iOS In Neon mode, it should be iPhone 7 or later or iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd gen or later.
      Android It should support OpenCL in OpenCL mode and Neon in Neon mode.

    How to Use

    On PC client

    1. Open VooV Meeting and join a meeting.
    2. Click Settings on the toolbar during the meeting.
    3. Select Video on the Settings page.
    4. Select Video Noise Cancellation.

    On mobile client

    1. Open VooV Meeting and join a meeting.
    2. Tap More > Settings on the bottom bar during the meeting.
    3. Scroll down the Settings page and enable Video Noise Cancellation.
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