Purchase Cloud Services

最后更新时间:2019-02-01 16:15:49

This document describes the process of purchasing a service using CVM as an example.

Log in to Tencent Cloud official website https://intl.cloud.tencent.com with your account ID.

In the navigation bar of Cloud Products, select the service you wish to purchase. In this case, it would be CVM.

After entering the product overview page, you can view the details of the product, and click Experience to purchase the product.

Select the CVM configuration information based on your business needs.

Before you make purchase, you should set a credit card as your default payment method.

After selecting the configurations, check the CVM information and confirm it. Then click Buy Now.

After the order is made, the CVM you just purchased will be shown in the Cloud Virtual Machine page of your Tencent Cloud Console. You can view the status of the product. If the status is Running, you can use the CVM you just purchased.