Product Strengths

Last updated: 2019-04-23 17:33:13

Sparkling has the following features and advantages.

One-stop Creation

To create a Sparkling service, you only need to select the parameter metrics of the product in the Tencent Cloud terminal interface. The specific creation process is completely invisible to you, as the backend takes care of the application for resources (eg. CVM, TencentDB, CLB) and other creation tasks such as Sparkling cluster building, service pulling, and monitoring.

Consolidated Interaction Method

Sparkling offers a consolidated interaction method, so you can use data development platform for interactive data processing. It also offers JDBC/ODBC APIs which enable you to interact with Sparkling through programming.

Professional Cluster Management

The exclusive usage mode of Sparkling provides cluster management and monitoring modules that support cluster creation, automatic scaling, cluster configuration, start/stop and intelligent resource monitoring and alarming. Sparkling clusters are fully managed, so you do not need to worry about the underlying cluster architecture or stress over OPS needs.

Rich Heterogeneous Data Integration

Sparkling is capable of accessing and integrating a wide range of heterogeneous data sources. Data from traditional relational database RDBMS, COS, and CKafka can be extracted, transformed and loaded into the storage of Sparkling using the Data Studio console. Plus, Sparkling provides a rich set of extraction criteria and task scheduling features to meet your different data import demands.

Comprehensive Data Management

Sparkling has a metadata management module that enables registration, import, storage, retrieval, export and release of technical, management and business metadata, while providing a rich set of data management capabilities such as data maps, data dictionaries, data lineage and impact analysis, metadata version management, metadata statistical analysis and data quality reports.

Enterprise-grade Job Scheduling

Sparkling features an enterprise-grade job scheduling engine that helps you build complete workflows based on complex dependencies. It also offers a task scheduling and management module that supports time-driven and event-driven DAG task scheduling. Meanwhile, it features comprehensive task monitoring to facilitate ETL and processing of OPS data.

Complete Project Management and Account Service

Sparkling features a project management module that enables you to create project spaces by your organization's internal product lines, teams and projects and manage project personnel and notebooks. It has a complete set of account service-related schemes which ensure smooth resource sharing and permission management between the root account and sub-accounts.

High Performance, Availability, and Scalability

Relying on the IaaS services provided by Tencent Cloud and its own component capabilities, Sparkling provides high-performance, high-availability, and high-scalability data warehousing services.

Data Security

Sparkling protects your data security with the aid of dedicated networks, permission management, and multi-tenant isolation.

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