Usage Scenarios

Last updated: 2019-01-31 16:35:37

Global Data Asset Management

Sparkling effectively meets the urgent needs of industries such as gaming, finance, retail and industrial engineering by providing a tool to centrally manage and analyze management and business data of user behaviors, staffing, procurement, sales, assets and supply chain, so that a comprehensive view of global data can be generated to help understand overall operational conditions and make rapid and accurate decisions. By aggregating data from various scattered sources such as traditional databases, business systems and servers through its data integration tool, Sparkling enables the construction of an enterprise-level data map portal which leverages high-performance heterogeneous data source aggregation and analysis capabilities for data management and business value mining.

Analysis of Large Volumes of Logs and Targeted Marketing

Featuring a log standardization and normalization mechanism, Sparkling enables you to conveniently analyze petabytes of structured or semi-structured data such as user behavior and system logs, generate cookie-based consumer profiles and personalize recommendations to users, helping significantly improve the efficiency of targeted marketing. Moreover, it supports real-time data ingestion and in-depth integration with COS.

Efficient Data-based Decision-making

With the aid of its easy-to-use machine learning framework, interactive collaborative programming environment and real-time data query and analysis capabilities, Sparkling provides data scientists with powerful tools for data modeling. Plus, it enables business managers to refine corporate operations and helps them enhance business insight capabilities.

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