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Last updated: 2019-08-21 10:18:18
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    My ICP filing was approved by the Communications Administration Bureau, why does my website's resolution still fails?

    Possible reasons:

    1. If an error occurs when accessing your domain name, try to ping your domain name resolution, and if the corresponding server IP is unpingable, it means that the registry has suspended the resolution for your domain name.
    2. If the domain name suffix is .com or .net, you must verify your identity within 5 days after successfully registering the domain name. Otherwise, it cannot be resolved. If this is the case, please verify your identity accordingly.

    If you tried and still have the issue, contact our customer service at 4009-100-100 or submit a ticket.

    I have received a notification from the Communications Administration Bureau, but why is the progress not synced to Tencent Cloud's system?

    The Communications Administration Bureau system is not connected to Tencent Cloud's system. Generally, you will first receive a notification from the Communications Administration Bureau and then Tencent Cloud personnel will sync your application status to the ICP Filing Registration Console. Tencent Cloud will sync the progress as soon as the data is received from Communications Administration Bureau, but the synchronization generally takes around 1-2 business days.

    Can I change the server system after obtaining ICP filing?


    If I obtain ICP filing through Tencent Cloud and then switch to a Tencent Cloud server located in Hong Kong, China, will my ICP filing be deregistered?

    If your ICP filing is originally obtained through Tencent Cloud and the new server is also offered by Tencent Cloud, nothing will happen to your ICP filing.

    After my filed domain name expired, it was registered by another user. Does its ICP filing information still exist?

    After your filed domain name expires, its ICP filing information will usually be retained for a period of time if you don't submit an application for ICP filing deregistration.

    It is recommended that you submit an application for deregistration promptly after your domain name expires so as to eliminate potential troubles caused by misuse of the ICP filing information by somebody else.

    How do I deal with the original ICP filing after applying for ICP filing transfer?

    1. If your transfer the ICP filing for part of your domain names, the transferred filing and original filing can be used without mutual interference.
    2. If you transfer the ICP filing for all of your domain names, the original filing may become empty shells. If you don't take an appropriate measure, the original access provider will deregister the filing entity.

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