Information Change

Last updated: 2020-02-20 17:16:04


Do I have to apply for ICP filing again if I made some information changes?

  1. If your website information was filed via Tencent Cloud, you do not need to apply for ICP filing again. You simply need to apply for ICP filing information change.
  2. If your entity obtained ICP filing from another access provider, contact the provider for ICP filing entity change application. Communications Administration Bureaus' processing time is about 20 business days. Your website won't be affected during this period.

What if changes are made to the ICP filing information?

If the ICP filing information is changed, please apply for ICP filing information change and submit the changed items. Tencent Cloud will submit the changed information to Communications Administration Bureaus for review.

Can individual ICP filing turn into enterprise ICP filing? Can the enterprise ICP filing become an individual ICP filing?

Personal entity can be changed into enterprise entity, which needs to be based on Requirements of Provincial Communications Administrations Implementation; enterprise entity does not support the change to individual entity.

Is it possible to change the province of an ICP filing?

Cross-province change is not allowed by Communications Administration Bureaus. You can first deregister your ICP filing and then apply for a new one in the target province.

A letter of change from organization is required to modify ICP filing information. How to submit the letter?

Combine the letter of change with the authenticity checklist and upload files.

Can I change some information if the application for ICP filing has already been submitted to Communications Administration Bureaus?

After ICP filing's information was submitted to the Administration, all the information could not be changed. If necessary, it is recommended to wait for the examination and rejection or approval of the Administration before making changes to ICP filing's information.

How long does it take to change ICP filing entity?

Tencent Cloud will conduct preliminary and secondary reviews before the final review by Communications Administration Bureaus.

  • The length of the first trial of Tencent Cloud: Tencent Cloud is expected to be in 1 business day Feedback the results of the preliminary trial. After the completion of the preliminary trial, Tencent Cloud is expected to 1-3 business day Submit your ICP filing materials to the local management bureau.
  • Duration of communications administration's final review: 20 business days;

So it takes about 22 business days in total if everthing runs smoothly.

Do I have to mail relevant materials when applying for ICP filing entity change?

Port: 789。

Is it necessary to change the ICP filing information after identity card expires?

Information of the entity and person-in-charge of the website needs to be changed.

  1. Entity identity information needs to be changed. Otherwise, future new applications will not be available.
  2. An application should be submitted to change person-in-charge's identity information.

How can I change the domain name owner?

Please contact the domain registrar for domain name owner change.

My domain name became inaccessible after server IP change.

Make sure your domain name is resolved to your current server IP.

How to apply for ICP filing entity change?

For the detailed process, see ICP Filing Information Change.

Can I change information of the entity or website during the application for ICP filing transfer?

ICP filing transfer only adds a new service provider to your ICP filing information, which means that you cannot modify the filing information during the application.
You can make the change at your original access provider and then apply for transfer, or apply for ICP filing information change through the original access provider after transfer succeeds.
Different provincial communications administrations have different rules for ICP filing transfer application. For details, see Requirements of Provincial Communications Administrations .

Do I have to re-apply for ICP filing or apply for ICP filing information change after switching to another Tencent Cloud IP?

There are two types of IP address changes:

  • If your IP is changed from another access provider to Tencent Cloud, you need to transfer your ICP filing to Tencent Cloud;
  • If you change from one Tencent Cloud IP to another Tencent Cloud IP:
    • If operational ICP license is required for your website, you need to apply for ICP filing information change and fill in the new IP address for ICP filing to make sure that the IP in the operational ICP license is the same as the IP registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT);
    • If your website does not need to do operational ICP filing, you do not have to re-ICP filing, because the same access provider to change the IP address does not require re-ICP filing. Instead, you can submit the new IP when changing other ICP filing information.