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Contact Management

Last updated: 2021-02-07 11:27:06

    Contact management is used to centrally manage and set the recipients and recipient groups of the health report email push, and supports the management of contacts and contact groups.

    Log in to the DBbrain console, click Performance Optimization on the left sidebar, select Health Report tab, and click Contact Management.


    The Contact tab is used to manage and set the email recipients. Click Create Contact, enter the contact name, email, select the contact group (optional), and click Confirm.

    In the contact list, it displays the contact basic information, including: contact name, email address, contact group and operation. You can edit and delete the created contacts, and also can query contacts based on the contact name, email address, and contact group.


    Once a contact is deleted, the contact will no longer receive associated health reports.

    Contact group

    The Contact Group tab is used to manage and set the email recipient groups. Click Create Contact Group, enter the contact group name and remarks (optional), and click Confirm.

    In the contact group list, it displays the basic information of the contact group, including the contact group name, the number of contacts, creation time, remarks and operation. You can edit and delete the created contact group.
    Click the icon in front of the group name to view the details of contacts in this group. You can remove the contact from the group and query a contact group by the contact group name.


    A contact group can contain up to 10 contacts.

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