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Last updated: 2020-11-16 10:46:48

    The health report feature can routinely perform health checks on database instances and output the corresponding health reports for the specified time period, helping you gain in-depth insights into the health, failures, and risks of the database instance and providing you with professional optimization suggestions.


    Currently, health report is supported for TencentDB for MySQL (excluding the Basic Edition) and TencentDB for CynosDB (compatible with MySQL).

    Creating a Health Report

    Log in to the DBbrain Console and select Performance Optimization on the left sidebar. On the displayed page, select a database at the top and select the Health Report tab. You can view the health score trends and the problem overview for the specified time period.

    • Click Create Health Report to create a task. After the task is completed, you can view or download the health report for the specified time period.


      The time period of the health report is the same as that selected on the left.

    • Click Regular Generation Settings to configure the time period for automatically generating health reports.

    Score details

    In the "Score Details" section, you can view instance score details for database availability, maintainability, performance, and reliability.

    Viewing/Downloading a Health Report

    • In the task list, the type, health level, creation time, start and end times, progress, and operations of each health report task are displayed.
      • The "Type" column displays how the report is generated, including being generated manually, as scheduled, or in an instance inspection.
      • The "Health Level" column displays the health level obtained through diagnoses, including healthy, sub-healthy, dangerous, and high-risk.
    • You can click View Report in the "Operation" column to view the health report details and download the report as a PDF file.
    • You can click Deduction Details in the "Operation" column to view the reason for the deduction of health report task scores.
    • You can click Delete in the "Operation" column to delete the health report task.

    Interpreting a Health Report

    A health report displays DBbrain's evaluation of the overall operation conditions of the selected database instance in the specified time period. Items in the report includes the database's existing problems, an analysis of existing problems, and corresponding suggestions, helping you gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall operation status of the selected instance and coordinate relevant personnel to troubleshoot issues.

    A report contains the following sections: overview, basic information, health, instance status, exception diagnosis, slow SQL analysis, big table analysis, and performance curve.


    Reported exception level definitions

    No. Type Description
    1 Fatal The value is 1
    2 Severe The value is 2
    3 Warning The value is 3
    4 Notice The value is 4
    5 Healthy The value is 5

    Reported health level definitions

    No. Type Description
    1 Healthy Score ≥ 95
    2 Suboptimal 80 ≤ score < 95
    3 Risky 60 ≤ score < 80
    4 Critical Score < 60

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