Callback Command List

Last updated: 2020-03-11 17:25:54


Online Status

Callback Type Callback Command Keyword
Status change callback State.StateChange

Profile Relationship Chain

Callback Type Callback Command Keyword
Callback after adding a friend Sns.CallbackFriendAdd
Callback after deleting a friend Sns.CallbackFriendDelete
Callback after adding a blacklist Sns.CallbackBlackListAdd
Callback after deleting a blacklist Sns.CallbackBlackListDelete

One-to-One Chat Messages

Callback Type Callback Command Keyword
Callback before sending one-to-one chat messages C2C.CallbackBeforeSendMsg
Callback after sending one-to-one chat messages C2C.CallbackAfterSendMsg

Group Systems

Callback Type Callback Command Keyword
Callback before creating a group Group.CallbackBeforeCreateGroup
Callback after creating a group Group.CallbackAfterCreateGroup
Callback before applying to join a group Group.CallbackBeforeApplyJoinGroup
Callback before inviting users to a group Group.CallbackBeforeInviteJoinGroup
Callback after a new member joins a group Group.CallbackAfterNewMemberJoin
Callback after a group member quits Group.CallbackAfterMemberExit
Callback before delivering a group message Group.CallbackBeforeSendMsg
Callback after delivering a group message Group.CallbackAfterSendMsg
Callback after a group is full Group.CallbackAfterGroupFull
Callback after dismissing a group Group.CallbackAfterGroupDestroyed
Callback after modifying the profile of a group Group.CallbackAfterGroupInfoChanged