Getting Process Ready

Last updated: 2021-01-21 11:08:37

    API Name


    API Description

    This API is used to notify GSE that a game process is started and ready to sustain a GameServerSession. Then, you can call the corresponding Tencent Cloud APIs such as CreateGameServerSession to generate a GameServerSession. Finally, GSE can call the OnStartGameServerSession API to assign the GameServerSession to the process.

    Request Message

    message ProcessReadyRequest {
        repeated string logPathsToUpload = 1;
        int32 clientPort = 2;
        int32 grpcPort = 3;

    Response Message

    message GseResponse 

    Field Description


    Field Name Type Description
    logPathsToUpload String array Path of the game process logs to be uploaded to Tencent Cloud. Directory paths and file paths are supported. GSE will upload logs in the specified paths to Tencent Cloud for you to download.
    clientPort Int32 Port to be connected to by the game client
    grpcPort Int32 Port used by GSE to call the service APIs defined by GameServerGrpcSdkService.proto in the game process.


    func (r *rpcClient) ProcessReady(logPath []string, clientPort int32, grpcPort int32) (*grpcsdk.GseResponse, error) {
                conn, _ := grpc.DialContext(context.Background(), LOCAL_ADDRESS, grpc.WithInsecure())
                defer conn.Close()
                req := &grpcsdk.ProcessReadyRequest{
                    LogPathsToUpload: logPath, // E.g., Absolute path to logs: `/local/game/logs`; relative path to logs: `./logs`.
                    ClientPort:       clientPort,
                    GrpcPort:         grpcPort,
                client := grpcsdk.NewGseGrpcSdkServiceClient(conn)
                return client.ProcessReady(getContext(), req)