Last updated: 2021-08-05 17:20:43


    Game Player Matchmaking (GPM) is a powerful and flexible game player matchmaking service that supports multiple algorithms. With GPM, developers can easily write a script to achieve matchmaking for a variety of games without needing to consider complex logic. GPM can also automatically deliver matchmaking results to your hosted game server to start battles. This product greatly simplifies game development while enhancing game interaction for your players.


    Custom matchmaking rules

    GPM provides a flexible set of customizable matchmaking rules for developers to design the best matchmaking experience that best fit their games.

    Powerful matchmaking algorithms

    GPM comes with powerful algorithms that can quickly parse through complex matchmaking rules to generate optimal player matches, reducing player wait time and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

    Event notifications

    GPM sends notifications during the matchmaking process when players are matched or requests timeout, helping developers track matchmaking statuses and simplifying implementation.

    Automated game sessions

    GPM can automatically request resources from your game server based on matchmaking results to start battles.

    Monitoring metrics

    GPM provides a comprehensive feature covering matchmaking metrics including the average matchmaking time as well as matchmaking successes, failures, cancellations and timeouts. Alarms can be set accordingly.


    GPM records and reports matchmaking logs.