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Installing LogListener on a Self-built Kubernetes Cluster

Last updated: 2022-02-21 12:22:12

    This document describes how to install LogListener on a self-built Kubernetes cluster to collect logs to CLS.
    During the installation process, the system automatically performs the following operations:

    1. Create a CLS-logconfigs CRD.
    2. Deploy cls-provisioner.
    3. Install LogListener in DaemonSet mode.


    1. Log in to the Kubernetes cluster.
    2. Run the following commands in sequence to install cls-provisioner Helm.
      wget https://mirrors.tencent.com/install/cls/k8s/tencentcloud-cls-k8s-install.sh
    chmod 744 tencentcloud-cls-k8s-install.sh
    ./tencentcloud-cls-k8s-install.sh --region xxx --secretid xxx --secretkey xxx 

    When the installation is completed, CLS automatically creates a default machine group named cls-k8s-Random ID.


    Before installing cls-provisioner Helm, check that the Helm CLI is already installed in the Kubernetes cluster. For more information, please see Installing Helm.


    ---secretid: Tencent Cloud account access key ID.
    ---secretkey: Tencent Cloud account access key.
    ---region: CLS region.
    ---docker_root: root directory of the cluster Docker. The default value is /var/lib/docker. If the actual directory is different from the default one, specify the actual root directory of Docker.
    ---cluster_id: cluster ID. If you do not specify a cluster ID, the system will generate a default ID for machine group association during the installation process.


    • We recommend you use different cluster_id values for different clusters.

    • Data of different clusters can be shipped to the same topic.

    • The default ID is in the following format: cls-k8s-Random ID consisting of 8 characters.

    • --network: network type, private or internet (default).

    • --api_network: TencentCloud API network type, private or internet (default).

    • --api_region: TencentCloud API region. For more information, please see Available Regions.


    Deploying LogListener in the Beijing region

    ./tencentcloud-cls-k8s-install.sh --secretid xxx --secretkey xx --region ap-beijing  --network internet --api_region ap-beijing
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