Last updated: 2020-04-03 18:50:07

    Rich Features

    • LogListener provides one-stop log service, including log collection, storage, search, transfer, and shipping features.
    • LogListener parses log structures in many ways, including full text in a single line, full text in multi lines, separator, JSON, and regular expressions.
    • LogListener allows you to select from multiple data access methods based on your business needs. For more information, see Collection Methods.
    • LogListener provides multiple search syntaxes and allows you to search logs by keyword, fuzzy match, or range.

    Stable and Reliable

    • CLS has a highly scalable distributed storage architecture. It supports horizontal scaling and automatic service scaling, and easily stores and manages massive log data.
    • The CLS backend storage manages and stores logs in multiple copies, ensuring data security.

    Simple and Efficient

    • LogListener supports simple, GUI-based configuration. You can quickly access CLS through LogListener.
    • Data can be consumed immediately after being written to CLS. Query results of hundreds of millions of data records can be returned in seconds.
    • The service is billed by actual usage. You do not need to build or maintain a log system, preventing resource idling and waste.

    Ecological Expansion

    • The logs of certain cloud services have already been integrated into CLS. For more information, see Accessing log sources.
    • Logs are shipped to Cloud Object Storage (COS), which supports long-term archive storage of logs.
    • Logs are shipped to CKafka, which supports real-time log consumption and facilitates further log processing and analysis.