Last updated: 2021-03-15 14:50:11

    AIA can help publish an elastic IP to multiple regions by way of the Anycast technology to implement the following features:

    Same Server in Multiple Regions

    All user requests and responses can come in and out of the nearest Tencent Cloud access point, and only one set of service cluster, database, and storage node needs to be deployed at the backend. With the aid of Anycast, the backend service will be available in multiple regions through Tencent Cloud's dedicated private network connection. In contrast, in a traditional mode, one set of cluster or storage node needs to be deployed in each region to serve users nearby.

    Multi-regional Acceleration

    AIA helps avoid slow connection to the internet, and services are not affected by the congestion on the internet, cross-carrier issues, and ISP failures.

    Avoiding Congestion

    Anycast is capable of avoiding internet congestion.

    Blocking Failures

    ISP networks may fail from time to time, and Anycast can be used to block the failures.

    Additional Information

    The following concepts can help you better understand AIA:
    For more information on the concepts, please see Glossary.
    To provide Anycast service, public cloud vendors must have interconnection network nodes deployed across regions and support cross-region network scheduling. AIA offers the following basic capabilities:

    • Multi-path ISP aggregation: Tencent Cloud has BGP network egresses with 35+ ISP lines at the Tbps level.
    • Multi-node interconnection: Tencent Cloud's global backbone network at the Tbps level is used for hosting.
    • Multidimensional network monitoring models, global network monitoring alarms, and real-time detection of internet conditions are available.
    • SDN controller that controls the entire network can change IP publishing regions in seconds and enable multidimensional fine-grained control.
    • Optimal path algorithm is generated through self-learning.