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    What are Flow Logs?

    Flow Logs provide you with full-time, full-flow, non-intrusive traffic collection for ENI, so you can store and analyze network traffic in real time. You can use VPC flow logs to capture incoming/outgoing ENI IP traffic to help you troubleshoot issues.

    What is a Flow Log record?

    A flow log record represents a network flow in your flow logs. Each record captures a specific quintuple network flow within a capture window. For details, see Flow Log Records.

    What traffic will Flow Logs capture?

    Flow Logs will capture all traffic except the following:

    • Traffic generated by Windows instances for activation of Windows license.
    • DHCP traffic.

    What are some common Flow Logs use cases?

    • quickly locate network issues
    • optimize network architecture
    • quickly detect network security threats

    For more information, see Use Cases.

    What services do Flow Logs support?

    • Flow Logs currently only supports ENI in VPC.
    • Classic network services such as CVM, TencentDB, gateways, peering connections are currently not supported.

    Can I edit a flow log’s configuration after creation?

    You cannot change the configuration of a flow log after creation. Actions such as modifying the delivery destination of the flow logs are not allowed. However, you can delete the flow log and create a new flow log and configure it as needed.

    Is Flow Logs free of charge?

    Flow Logs is free of charge, but the data stored in CLS is charged according CLS’s prices.

    How do I use Flow Logs?

    You can create and delete flow logs, create log sets and log topics, and view flow log records. For details, see the Operation Guide.

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