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Creating Logsets and Log Topics

Last updated: 2021-10-14 15:07:06

    You need to create logsets and log topics to store and view the flow logs.

    • Logset: specifies the storage location in CLS for flow logs.
    • Log topic: specifies the minimum dimension of log storage, which is used to distinguish log types, such as Accept log.


    1. Log in to the CLS console and click Log Topic on the left sidebar to access the Log Topic page.
    2. Select a desired region at the top of the page and click Create Log Topic.
    3. In the pop-up window, enter log topic name and partition, and click OK.
      • Log Topic Name: for example, enter nginx.
      • Storage Class: select Real-time or Offline as needed.
      • Log Retention Period: enter an integer between 1-365. It defaults to 30.
      • Logset Operation:
        • Select an existing logset: select a target logset from the drop-down list of the Logset. The log retention period is subject to the logset retention period.
        • Create logset:
          • Logset Name: for example, enter cls_test
          • Log Retention Period: enter a positive integer. It defaults to 30.
      • Partitions: enter a positive integer. It defaults to 1. For more information about topic partitions, see Topic Partition.
      • Partition Auto-Split: enabled by default.
      • Maximum Partitions: enter an integer up to 50.

    • After the auto-split feature is enabled, CLS will automatically split a log topic into partitions (up to 50) when the write requests or write traffic exceed the capacity of the log topic.
    • If the number of partitions of a log topic has reached the set maximum value, CLS will no longer trigger auto-split, and the excessive partitions will be rejected with an error code returned.
    1. On the details page of the log topic, select the Index Configuration tab and click Edit in the top-right corner.

    2. Enable the index feature and click OK. Now you can view and search for flow logs.


      • You do not need to install agents or care about the server group status.
      • If you do not need to publish flow logs to services such as COS, ignore shipping task.

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