Advanced Configuration

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This section describes how to manage the configurations of certain advanced cluster features, such as customizing dictionaries for IK analysis plugin and modifying the elasticsearch.yml Parameter.
On the cluster list page, click a cluster ID to enter the cluster details page, and click Advanced Configuration To enter the advanced configuration management page.

Plugin configuration

IK analysis plugin

In the plugin configuration section, you can see the IK analysis plugin pre-installed in the cluster. For more information on this plugin, see IK Analysis Plugin for Elasticsearch . You can use it to create an index of Chinese keywords for your data stored in the ES cluster to implement searches. Plugin list

Click Update Dictionary To enter the dictionary update page, where you can see two options: non-stopwords and stopwords. After selecting the dictionary file to be updated, click Save To update it (does not need to restart the cluster.
Dictionary update page

Requirements for dictionary files:

  • Dictionary type: There are two categories of words: "non-stopwords" and "stopwords". The "non-stopwords" dictionary specifies IK as the analyzer when data is stored to the ES cluster for index creation. If the data stored contains a word in this category, an index will be created and can be queried and found using keywords. "Stopwords" will be deliberately avoided and will not be indexed.
  • Restrictions and requirements: There are certain restrictions and requirements for dictionary files. For example, a dictionary file should contain one word per line and be encoded in UTF-8. For avoidance of confusion, the name of a non-stopword file should not be the same as that of a stopword file. In addition, as dictionary files will be loaded into the memory, you are allowed to upload a maximum of 10 files of up to 10 MB in size each.
  • Update process: The list displays the dictionaries that have been uploaded and updated. A new dictionary will be blocked during upload if it does not meet the requirements. After a file is uploaded, it will be displayed in "pending activation" status. After all dictionaries to be updated are uploaded, click Save , and they will be saved to your cluster and take effect. If there is a file that fails to be uploaded or is not in UTF-8 format, a failure will be prompted, and you need to delete the failing file before you can click Save for other ones to take effect.

YML configuration

Viewing configuration items

In the cluster details, click Advanced Configuration To view the configuration items. Advanced configuration

Configuration Item DESCRIPTION Value Range
Action.destructive_requires_name Indicates whether you should specify a name to delete an index. The value is true or false. Default is true.
Indices.fielddata.cache.size Specifies the percentage of Java heap space that is allocated to field data. The value ranges from 1% to 100%. The value of 15% is by default.
Indices.query.bool.max_clause_count Specifies the maximum number of clauses allowed in Lucene Boolean queries. The value is a positive integer, and 1024 is by default.

For more information about these configuration items, see Elasticsearch Official Documentation .

Modifying a configuration item

Click Bulk Editing To modify configuration items as required. Please refer to the description above for the input limits of configuration items. Batch modify

If the cluster health status is YELLOW or RED, or there is an index in the cluster that has no replicas, you will be prompted to force restart if you try to modify the configuration items. In this case, there will be a high risk if you update the configuration, and you are recommended to repair the cluster status first by adding replicas to all indices.

If you are aware of the risk and still want to update the configuration, you can check the "Force Restart" box and click OK To restart. For more information, see the figure below:

Force modify configuration

Click Bulk Editing To modify configuration items as required. Please refer to the description above for the input limits of configuration items.
Batch modify

If you want to customize other configuration items, Submit a ticket .