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Optimized performance and financial-grade security, TencentDB for MariaDB leaps into popularity
For e-commerce business that evolves rapidly, global scalability is a crucial driver of success. This often requires a highly scalable database to store not only historical data, but also massive amount of newly acquired sources. MariaDB, which is created by the founder of MySQL and serves as the default database system of mainstream open-source community systems, becomes the de facto choice.
ECDN relieves network bottlenecks associated with hybrid content delivery
In the context of gaming and eSports, as shelter-in-place turns video games into an at-home entertainment for many, global players not only expect instant acquisition of game installation and iteration packages, but also low-latency delivery of 3D game elements. In both scenarios, Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), which can accelerate different types of resources on the same platform at the same time, helps make that happen.
Instant Messaging releases new billing method
The billing method for Instant Messaging (IM) is now pay-as-you-go on a monthly cycle. Currently, IM has three billing plans, which are the default Trial Edition (free of charge), Pro Edition, and Flagship Edition. All three plans feature global coverage, but have different quota and user limits. Value-added services are billed separately and available to users of Pro Edition and Flagship Edition.
Tencent named in Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
With the development of Internet of Things and cloud adoption by enterprises, for the enterprises in digital transformation, the significance of host security, which is the infrastructure of data assets and business management, is increasingly prominent. The latest technologies such as virtual machine, cloud hosts and containers are also breaking the security boundary between virtual and reality, bringing stronger challenges to hosts. On April 14, Gartner, an IT research and advisory company, released Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP). Tencent is listed in the research.
VPN Connection releases CCN access via VPN gateway support
Cloud Connect Network (CCN) can now be accessed through VPN gateway by IDCs to achieve encrypted communication. Each CCN VPN gateway can establish multiple encrypted VPN tunnels, and each VPN tunnel can connect one local IDC. This feature was released on the international console on May 8 and is available for whitelisted users. VPN Connection is a network-based tunneling technology that enables highly secure data transfer. It features VPN egress gateway, which creates a VPN connection with a VPC, to establish encrypted network communication between the Tencent Cloud VPC and local IDCs. Implemented with software virtualization, it has a reliability of 99.95% and adopts a master/slave hot backup architecture to enable automatic switchover.
TKE releases Istio with Service Mesh and Service Discovery support
TKE has released Istio 1.3.6 as a standalone deployment with Service Mesh and Service Discovery support on April 24. Version 1.5 will be released soon. A completely open-source service mesh that layers transparently onto existing distributed applications, istio helps reduce the complexity of large-scale hybrid and multi-cloud deployments so developers can run and monitor a distributed microservice architecture efficiency and securely. It provides dynamic service discovery, traffic management, A/B type experimentation, etc. This feature is available for whitelisted users.
COS releases Global Acceleration
COS Global Acceleration is backed by Tencent Cloud’s distributed storage service and globally deployed CDN nodes to accelerate access to COS buckets. It leverages Tencent Cloud’s load balancing and global scheduling systems, utilizes intelligent routing to resolve user request, and selects the optimal route for nearby access. The COS Global Acceleration feature addresses problems such as high access latency and packet loss caused by public network transmission paths and weak network environments. After this feature is enabled, for example, transmission rate can increase by three to five times. COS Global Acceleration is now generally available.
GAAP now available in Dubai, Sydney and more regions
Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) is now available in Dubai, Sydney, Illinois, Chennai, and São Paulo on the international console. Users need to be whitelisted to access the channel group management feature. GAAP features cluster forwarding and intelligent routing to allow users to access the origin server through high-speed connections and with the aid of the nearest node. It helps users eliminate latency when accessing global businesses.
DTS now available in Shenzhen, Nanjing and more regions
Data Transmission Service (DTS) is now generally available in Guangzhou Open, Shanghai Finance, Shenzhen Finance, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Tianjin on the international console. Users need to be whitelisted to access the Taiwan region. DTS provides database-oriented data migration, synchronization and subscription services. It also supports cross-instance continuous data replication, helping users securely and easily migrate database onto the cloud.
DC now available in Hangzhou EC and Shenzhen regions
Direct Connect (DC) is now generally available in Hangzhou EC and Shenzhen on the international console. Users need to be whitelisted to access the Taiwan region. DC offers stable and dedicated network with low latency for optical fiber communications, while bypassing the public internet to offer higher reliability. DC users can establish private connections between Tencent Cloud and their premises.
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