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Tencent Cloud opens new Qingyuan region
Tencent Cloud has now opened the Qingyuan region, which is the largest data center cluster in South China developed by Tencent. The new region consists of one availability zone and a total of one million servers, covering over 40 ISPs to foster the digital transformation in the Guangdong region. With this launch, Tencent Cloud now operates 27 regions and 54 availability zones worldwide. Services available in the Qingyuan region include but are not limited to CVM, CBS, COS, Ckafka, VPC, CLB, TDSQL, and CI. "Star Lake", the first cloud server independently developed by Tencent Cloud, is also available in the new region. It utilizes the 2nd generation AMD EPYC Rome processors and reconfigurable computing systems to optimize computing.
New monthly subscription billing option
Tencent Cloud releases new monthly subscription billing option. This option offers savings for long-term purchases. Supported services include CBS, CLB, EIP, TencentDB for MySQL, Ckafka, TPNS, and more. With this addition, customers now have the choice between pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription. For CVMs, customers can choose between pay-as-you-go and reserved instances. Monthly subscription expects to be generally available in October. To use it now, please contact sales.
GSE now launched on international console
Tencent Cloud Game Server Engine (GSE) was released on the international console on June 30th and is available to whitelisted users. It is a dedicated game server hosting service that supports auto scaling, service discovery, cross-region deployment, optimal resource scheduling, etc. To ensure service stability, GSE offers real-time health check, session monitoring, A/B testing and more. It can run Unreal and Unity game engines and server frameworks written in any languages that support gRPC. Developers can thus quickly build a low-latency deployment environment for stateful games while minimizing OPS cost, which is ideal for MOBA, turn-based games, MMORPG, table games and more.
MediaLive: Broadcast-grade processing platform to help you build video workflows in the cloud
From esports to broadcast news, the screening of a live performance captivates us on a more intimate and authentic scale. In the golden age of live videos, Tencent Cloud turns to help broadcasters live stream easily and securely without ever worrying about the heavy lifting behind the scenes.
DBbrain: an end-to-end cloud database autonomous service that runs fast and smart
At the latest Tencent Techo Developer Conference, one competition required 30 final contestants to simulate faulty operations on TencentDB for MySQL and then troubleshoot exceptions without incurring database downtime. TencentDB for DBbrain, the cloud database autonomous service, served as the judge to conduct real-time health check and intelligent scoring for each contestant’s database instance.
GME releases new billing mode
The voice chat services of GME are now billed monthly either by voice duration or voice PCUs (peak concurrent users). The sound quality is HD by default for services billed by voice duration and can be switched to standard as needed. For services billed by voice PCUs, the sound quality is fixed as standard. The unit price for services billed by monthly voice duration is $0.00094 per minute after the first 10,000 minutes, which are free. For services billed by PCUs, fees are charged per 5,000 PCUs by tiered pricing. The voice messaging and speech-to-text services are billed by voice message DAUs (daily active users), which are calculated based on the total number of deduplicated user identifiers.
MediaLive now launched on international console
A dedicated live video streaming and processing platform, Tencent Cloud MediaLive (MDL) was released on the international console on June 10th and is now available for whitelisted users. MediaLive supports multi-protocol and multi-format stream inputs, while leveraging AI algorithms and audiovisual platforms to implement transcoding, remuxing, transfer and many more services. Detailed health reports are available for each channel and protection policies are configured at the security group level to fully safeguard video assets.
COS, CFS, CVM, SCF release price calculator
The pricing calculator is now available for COS, CFS, CVM and SCF to help users configure and estimate service costs based on selected specializations. The cost estimate can be exported as a .csv file for future reference.
DBbrain now launched on international console
TencentDB for DBbrain, a cloud database autonomous service developed by Tencent Cloud, was launched on the international console on June 1st and is now generally available. DBbrain leverages cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning and big data analytics, to automatically diagnose database exceptions in real time and optimize performance. It can also quickly replicate DBAs’ best practices to automate manual operations and improve database O&M efficiency, serving enterprises on and off the cloud with high reliability and security.
Optimized performance and financial-grade security, TencentDB for MariaDB leaps into popularity
For e-commerce business that evolves rapidly, global scalability is a crucial driver of success. This often requires a highly scalable database to store not only historical data, but also massive amount of newly acquired sources. MariaDB, which is created by the founder of MySQL and serves as the default database system of mainstream open-source community systems, becomes the de facto choice.
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