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Tencent Cloud Provides All-Round, Smart Cloud Security Amid Cyberspace’s Rapid Evolution
Tencent Cloud has started collaborating with partners to build a smart and safe cloud environment. Tencent Cloud’s security-related products are made to effectively prevent security threats and actively eliminate them all together via different digitalization security requirements. The Tencent Cloud products that we are going to mention, among many others, help businesses with essential services such as optimal and extensive protection, fast speed and reliability, defense against DDoS and Challenge Collapsar attacks and webpage tampering prevention.
Memsource Translate fully integrates Tencent Cloud’s Tencent Machine Translation
Memsource, the AI-powered translation management system, has expanded its support for machine translation by integrating Tencent Cloud’s Tencent Machine Translation (TMT). It is now available as a fully-managed engine within Memsource Translate, the platform’s machine translation management hub. Users can immediately start leveraging Tencent Machine Translation in their translations with no set up and simple in-app payment.
Tencent Cloud Optimizes In-Game Voice Solution With Its Game Multimedia Engine (GME) Used by 5XGames and More Game Companies Globally
Improving the experience of gamers around the world, Tencent Cloud underlines its commitment to expand its horizons with its Game Multimedia Engine (GME), an end-to-end, scalable, high-quality and cost-efficient voice communication service. GME is integrated into various game platforms and simultaneously brought online in multiple regions, being utilized by overseas companies such as Japan’s 5XGames – providing support on multi-person voice chat 3D location voice and speech-to-text conversion as well as voice messaging.
The Entertainment Industry Goes to the Cloud
Tencent Cloud has a unique perspective on the world of online entertainment as part of Tencent, which operates world-leading social media and entertainment apps like WeChat, QQ, and JOOX. That gives Tencent Cloud an advantage. “We understand what it means to have one billion users with extremely high expectations when it comes to streaming video, music and other entertainment products. With that in mind, we strive every day to create a secure, reliable and high-performance experience for every user, every time.”
Tencent Cloud Launches Four New Internet Data Centers in Bangkok, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Tokyo
With growing customer demand and increasing cloud computing spending all over the globe, Tencent Cloud today announced the launch of four new internet data centers (IDC) in Bangkok, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The addition of the new IDCs places Tencent Cloud’s operation in 27 regions and 66 availability zones worldwide, ushering in the opening of AZ2 in Bangkok, Frankfurt and Tokyo and AZ3 in Hong Kong in order to addressing the ever-growing business needs around the world.
Tencent Cloud Partners with Coursera to Offer In-demand Cloud Content
Tencent Cloud is pleased to collaborate with Coursera, a global online learning platform, to offer a series of courses designed to help learners develop in-demand cloud skills over the coming months. The beginner-level Tencent Cloud Practitioner course is now available for enrolment.
Flow Logs | Now available in Seoul
Flow Logs is now available in the Seoul region. Tencent Cloud Flow Logs (FL) provides you with a full-time, full-flow and non-intrusive traffic collection service, enabling you to store and analyze network traffic in real time for assistance with troubleshooting, architecture optimization, security detection and compliance auditing. With FL, your cloud networks will become more stable, secure and intelligent.
TencentDB for MongoDB | Now available in Seoul Zone 2
TencentDB for MongoDB is now available in Seoul zone 2. TencentDB for MongoDB is a high-performance NoSQL database built by Tencent Cloud based on MongoDB, a globally popular database program. Fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol, it provides stable and rich features for monitoring management, elastic scaling and automatic disaster recovery, making it ideal for document database scenarios and eliminating the need for self-built disaster recovery and control management systems.
Elastic MapReduce | Now available in Frankfurt
Elastic MapReduce is now available in Frankfurt. Combining cloud computing and community open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, HBase, Presto, and Storm, Tencent Cloud Elastic MapReduce (EMR) provides secure and cost-effective cloud-based Hadoop services featuring high reliability and elastic scalability. Using EMR, you can create a secure and reliable Hadoop cluster in just minutes to analyze petabytes of data stored on the data nodes in the cluster or in Cloud Object Storage (COS).
Going Digital? Tencent Cloud Assists Businesses To Easily Expand Digital Footprint With Unrivalled Cloud Solutions and Weixin Ecosystem
More businesses around the world have been adopting digital innovation with cloud computing technologies, therefore introducing more of their benefits into existing and potential consumers’ daily lives. Undoubtedly, cloud computing technologies have helped the evolution of businesses, especially in their navigation amid the pandemic. Tencent Cloud has been a strong ally for its clients on their way to digital transformation with all-round cloud solutions and Tencent’s unrivalled advantage, making use of resources such as the Weixin ecosystem and delivering unique offerings addressing their needs and opening them up to thriving opportunities, especially in China.
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