Direct Mail Service: an efficient, secure, and scalable email delivery service


Despite the rise of instant messaging applications and video-based social media platforms, emails remain the most common and effective way for enterprises to reach, update, and retain their customers. Recognizing the value that email marketing could bring to their businesses, many enterprises found themselves facing a dilemma of wanting to build an efficient and targeted email delivery service but being unable to do so due to the lack of time and resources. Fortunately, Tencent Cloud’s Direct Mail Service (DMS) eliminates the need for developers to take on complex workloads such as building email servers or prefetching IPs, allowing developers to quickly and easily set up an efficient, cost-effective, secure, and highly scalable email service.

Equipped with many high-quality IPs, DMS utilizes intelligent email delivery policies to ensure fast, accurate, and automated email delivery. DMS can be flexibly scaled on demand and adopts a pay-as-you-go billing method with no upfront payments, fixed fees, and minimum charges, reducing your costs. DMS also leverages popular email security protocols like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC to protect your email infrastructure and ensure email content authenticity.

You can use DMS via the console or APIs to send promotional, subscription, and triggered emails to your customers, increasing customer engagement and retention and improving the user experience. DMS can update different groups of customers with personalized marketing content on the latest product releases and promotional campaigns. In addition, DMS can regularly send status and content updates to subscribed customers and automatically send registration, order, and modification confirmations to users. After sending such emails to your customers, you can view statistics such as the number of sent emails, delivery successes, delivery failures, emails with invalid addresses, and the delivery success rate. DMS helps you take your email marketing to the next level with minimal developmental effort on your part.

DMS was released on the international console on October 16 for beta customers. To use DMS, please contact us.

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