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In the 2020 League of Legends Mid-Season Cup, 4 South Korean and 4 Chinese teams duked it out for the champion title and the accompanying prize money of $240,000 USD. Interestingly, unlike previous international League of Legends tournaments that were held in-person at a single location, the 2020 Mid-Season Cup was held online in both Seoul and Shanghai due to travel restrictions and safety concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the tournament, the eight teams competed in real time from Seoul and Shanghai, with production teams in both countries transmitting live match signals to each other. This was made possible by Tencent Cloud MediaConnect’s ability to implement acceleration at the protocol layer through various protocols such as SRT, reducing long-distance transmission delays to a minimum and ensuring smooth and fair tournament gameplay.

An optimal video streaming media transfer experience supported by multiprotocol primary/backup inputs, comprehensive stream quality monitoring, protocol remuxing and more

MediaConnect is not only suitable for large-scale esports events. It is also ideal for a variety of global real-time video transfer use cases. MediaConnect can transfer streaming media over multiple protocols such as RTP, SRT, UDP, and RTMP, and supports protocol conversion. To ensure the flow stability and reliability, it automatically supports redundancy configuration by providing primary and backup input addresses for each flow. MediaConnect also supports adding multiple output nodes for the same flow to transfer the flow to various regions and allows you to remux one flow into RTP, SRT, and RTMP streams simultaneously. It can also work with Tencent Cloud CDN to distribute the video streams and leverage Tencent Cloud’s global nodes to achieve global acceleration.

MediaConnect offers detailed health reports on the running status of each flow and displays alert information in various formats, enabling you to monitor the flow quality in real time.

MediaConnect integrates with other Tencent Cloud services to deliver a large-scale, broadcast-grade, and one-stop media solution

MediaConnect can agilely and securely transfer streaming media with low latency over multiple protocols such as RTP, SRT, UDP, and RTMP to MediaLive. MediaLive can then transcode and remux the streaming media to MediaPackage through various output muxing types such as adaptive bitrate HLS, DASH, and HLS archive. Finally, MediaPackage can work with CDN to build and origin-pull from your own origin servers to safely and reliably package and stream videos to end users around the world.

MediaConnect was released on the international console on November 25 for beta customers. To use MediaConnect, please contact us.

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