Game Player Matchmaking enables game developers to efficiently and appropriately match players and teams


Over the last decade, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games such as League of Legends have skyrocketed into popularity due to their attractive social and competitive nature. As many MOBA games feature team-based battles involving players worldwide, the exponential rise of this game genre has greatly increased the need for sophisticated game player matchmaking technologies.

Game Player Matchmaking (GPM), a powerful and flexible game player matchmaking service that supports multiple algorithms, helps you to easily write a script to efficiently and appropriately match players and teams for a variety of games without needing to consider complex logic. GPM can also automatically deliver matchmaking results to your hosted game server to start battles and can send notifications during the matchmaking process when players are matched or requests timeout, helping you track matchmaking statuses and simplifying matchmaking implementation.

An optimal game player matchmaking experience supported by custom matchmaking rules, cross-region matching, comprehensive monitoring and more

GPM features a complex set of rule-based algorithms, enabling you to configure matching rules according to player attributes, latency, role preferences and more, satisfying the diverse matchmaking requirements of multiplayer games. It supports multi-region/multi-server and cross-region server game architectures by matching players based on latency. This ensures that matched players from different regions have similar response times for fair gameplay.

GPM also comes with a comprehensive monitoring and alarm feature, covering matchmaking metrics from average matchmaking time to matchmaking successes, failures, cancellations and timeouts. Monitoring notifications keep you informed so that you can promptly troubleshoot issues and adjust your matchmaking rules as needed.

You can use GPM by itself or integrate it with Game Server Engine (GSE) for a streamlined solution in which game resources will be requested according to matchmaking results, enhancing the gaming experience by extending the game session’s life span. Either way, GPM helps you take your game to the next level with minimal developmental effort on your part.

GPM was released on the international console on December 1 and is now available for beta customers. To use GPM, please contact us.

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