TencentDB for PostgreSQL helps enterprises easily configure, use and scale PostgreSQL


In the last few years, PostgreSQL has become the go-to relational database for enterprises looking to maximize the value of their data due to its free and open-source nature, support for multi-version concurrency control, full compliance with ACID, and other attractive features. To help enterprises easily use and scale this trending database on the cloud, Tencent Cloud has released TencentDB for PostgreSQL, an easy-to-use managed database service that features high performance, availability, security and scalability. TencentDB for PostgreSQL takes care of complicated and time-consuming tasks such as software installation, storage management, high-availability replication and data backup for disaster recovery so that you can better focus on developing your applications and increasing business growth.

An optimal SQL processing experience supported by managed deployment, monitoring and alarms, high performance and more

You can launch a TencentDB for PostgreSQL instance and connect it to applications in minutes with no additional configuration required. You can also modify the universal parameters of the default configuration on the Tencent Cloud console in real time, avoiding laborious and complicated installation and configuration and improving your OPS efficiency.

In addition, TencentDB for PostgreSQL helps you meet high concurrence requirements by using NVMe SSDs to provide a QPS at least 10 times that of SATA. It also ensures high availability by using a primary/standby deployment mode, allowing you to avoid business interruptions and data corruption and loss.

TencentDB for PostgreSQL cares about your performance issues and provides key operational metrics for PostgreSQL databases for free, including performance monitoring data such as CPU utilization, storage utilization and disk I/O. You can view these monitoring data in the console to quickly locate and resolve issues. You can also customize metric alarms on the console to receive exception alerts via email and SMS.

Equipped with support for JSON and XML data formats, full-text search and geographical objects and featuring strong transactional consistency, efficient multi-table correlation and streamlined parallel query optimization, TencentDB for PostgreSQL is suitable for a wide variety of use cases such as website/app development, LBS-enabled applications, core enterprise applications and data warehouse and big data analytics platform construction.

A pay-as-you-go service, TencentDB for PostgreSQL was released on the international console on February 1.

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