Uploading Files from Linux to a CVM Using FTP

Last updated: 2020-06-09 14:31:19


    This document describes how to use the FTP service to upload files from a local Linux computer to a CVM.


    You have built the FTP service on CVM.


    Connecting to the CVM

    1. Run the following command to install the FTP service.

      If the FTP service has already been installed on the local Linux computer, skip this step.

      yum -y install ftp
    2. Run the following command to connect to the CVM and enter the FTP service username and password as prompted.
      ftp <CVM IP address>
      If the following interface appears, the connection has been established successfully.

    Uploading a file

    Run the following command to upload a local file to the CVM.

    put local-file [remote-file]

    For example, to upload the local /home/1.txt file to the CVM, run the following command.

    put /home/1.txt 1.txt

    Downloading a file

    Run the following command to download a file from the CVM to a local directory.

    get [remote-file] [local-file]

    For example, to download the A.txt file from the CVM to the local /home directory, run the following command.

    get A.txt /home/A.txt

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