Uploading Files from Linux or MacOS to Linux CVM via SCP

Last updated: 2021-05-13 10:45:01


    The document uses CVMs with CentOS 7.6 as an example to describe how to upload and download files via SCP.


    You have purchased a Linux CVM.


    Obtaining a public IP

    Log in to the CVM console, navigate to the Instances page, and record the public IP of the CVM to which you want to upload files, as shown below:

    Uploading files

    1. Run the following command to upload files to a Linux CVM.
      scp [local file address] [CVM account]@[CVM instance public IP/domain name]:[CVM file location]
      Suppose that you want to upload the local file /home/lnmp0.4.tar.gz the CVM (IP: under the same directory, the command should be as follows:
      scp /home/Inmp0.4.tar.gz root@
    2. Enter yes and press Enter to confirm the upload and enter the login password to complete the upload.

    Downloading a file

    1. Run the following command to download a file from a Linux CVM.
      scp CVM account@CVM instance public IP/domain name: CVM file location local file address 
      For example, you can run the following command to download the file /home/lnmp0.4.tar.gz from the CVM whose public IP is to the same local directory:
      scp root@ /home/Inmp0.4.tar.gz