Last updated: 2018-06-21 15:11:38


Acceleration Feature

Global Acceleration

DSA can effectively reduce the delay of international access through the accelerated nodes deployed globally, to ensure the overseas acceleration.

Optimal Link

Every two of the accelerated nodes are connected to provide real-time detection, and calculate the optimal path for transmission using the optimized linkage algorithm developed independently by Tencent Cloud.

Access Security

Access Control

Basic access control, such as referer, User-Agent, IP, is supported, and advanced hotlink protection configurations are provided.

Attack Prevention

DSA provides protection against DDoS and CC attacks, to ensure the availability of customer service.

HTTPS Support

Dynamic acceleration of HTTPS request is supported, without the need to provide certificate information, in order to transparently send the encrypted data in a rapid way and ensure the security.

Business Analysis

Transparency in Business

Multi-dimensional data analysis is provided to analyze the usage frequency, time period and regions of users at business side.