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    • Global acceleration
      With cache nodes deployed across the world, ECDN effectively reduces cross-border access delays and ensures smooth global acceleration.
    • Optimal linkage
      Cache nodes are interconnected in pairs with real-time detection enabled to locate the optimal transfer route with the aid of Tencent Cloud's proprietary optimal linkage algorithm.
    • Intelligent caching
      You can customize the rules for caching static resources on edge servers to enable nearby access to static resources and speed up response.

    Access Security

    • Intelligent multi-origin switch
      Cache nodes actively monitor origin servers and automatically select the best-performing servers for access. In addition, cache nodes can actively eliminate faulty origin servers to ensure business stability and continuity.
    • Access control
      Access control features such as IP access limit, blacklist, and whitelist are supported.
    • HTTPS support
      Full-linkage transfer over HTTPS is supported to quickly transfer encrypted data, ensuring high data security.
    • Origin server hiding
      With ECDN, your real origin server addresses can be hidden behind the ECDN acceleration network to avoid the security risks caused by address exposure.

    Business Analysis

    • Log download
      Detailed user access logs for the last 40 days can be downloaded.

    • Business transparency
      Multi-dimensional analysis of access statistics is available to help you analyze the distribution of access requests.

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