LogListener Installation Exception

Last updated: 2019-11-25 16:21:48


For details about how to install and use LogListener, see LogListener Installation Guide

Possible causes

Loglistener may not be installed correctly for the following reasons:

  1. The kernel version only supports 64-bit.
  2. The installation method is incorrect.
  3. The latest features rely on a later version of LogListener.


  1. Check the kernel version.
    The executable file in the bin directory under the LogListener installation directory only supports Linux 64-bit kernel. Execute the command uname -a to check whether the kernel version is x86_64.
  2. Check the installation execution command.
    The script file in the Tools directory is a bash script, which does not support the sh install.sh execution method. It is recommended that you use ./install.sh or bash install.sh. Be sure to perform the operations according to the LogListener Installation Guide.
  3. Check the LogListener version.
    The latest features of CLS may rely on a newer version of LogListener. If it is confirmed that the exception is caused by the use of new features, download the latest version of LogListener.
  4. Verify whether LogListener is successfully installed.
    Check whether LogListener processes are running normally. Enter the installation directory and execute the following command:
    cd loglistener/tools && ./p.sh
    Normally, the output is as follows:

    Enter the installation directory and execute the following command to verify whether the configuration items are configured correctly and the network is in good condition.
    cd loglistener/bin && ./check
    Normally, the output is as follows:

    If the above command is executed without error, LogListener is successfully installed.