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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-05-20 11:47:01

    This document describes the billing items and pricing of NAT gateways.


    The NAT gateway service fee consists of two parts: Gateway fee (billed by hour) and network fee (billed by traffic).

    Gateway Fee

    NAT Gateway is priced as follows:

    Type The Chinese Mainland (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) (USD/hour) Singapore, Jakarta, Silicon Valley, Virginia, Frankfurt,
    Hong Kong (China), Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, São Paulo (USD/hour)
    Mumbai (USD) /hour) Toronto, Bangkok (USD/hour)
    Small (max. 1,000,000 connections) 0.089 0.13 0.18 0.14
    Medium (max. 3,000,000 connections) 0.28 0.39 0.54 0.42
    Large (max. 10,000,000 connections) 0.89 1.3 1.8 1.4

    NAT Gateway features dual-server hot backup. The system sends a 5 KB detection packet to the primary and secondary NAT Gateway servers every 3 seconds, thereby generating 0.2747 GB of traffic each day. The prices of the traffic in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong (China), and North America are 0.032964 USD, 0.032964 USD and 0.0211519 USD respectively.

    Network Fee

    The network fee is the traffic fee generated by the CVM accessing the public network through the EIP bound to the NAT gateway. The private network communication between the CVM and the NAT gateway does not incur a network fee, while the NAT gateway is charged the bandwidth and traffic fees for accessing the public network.

    There are two types of Tencent Cloud accounts: bill-by-CVM account and bill-by-IP account. See Checking Account Type to determine the account type before use. Their billing is slightly different:

    • Bill-by-CVM account: Supports binding with the [General BGP IP]. The bandwidth and traffic of this EIP cannot be managed. Hence, the traffic fee for accessing the public network is billed by the public network traffic usage on the NAT gateway.
    • Bill-by-IP account: Supports binding with common IPs billed by traffic, the bandwidth and traffic of which can be managed. Hence, the traffic fee for accessing the public network are uniformly billed on the EIP bound to the NAT gateway, and will not be billed repeatedly on the NAT gateway. For information about common IPs, accelerated IPs and static single-line IPs billed by bandwidth package, see Elastic IP (EIP).

      When bill-by-IP account users enable the bandwidth package feature and add the EIP bound to the NAT gateway to the bandwidth package (IP resource package), the outbound traffic fee incurred by the NAT gateway is included in the bandwidth package cost, that is, the network traffic fee of 0.12 USD/GB is not charged repeatedly.

    Bill-by-CVM account

    The network fee is billed by traffic on the NAT gateway, postpaid, and settled every hour.


    Region Price (Unit: USD/GB)
    The Chinese mainland (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), Hong Kong (China), Jakarta, Seoul 0.12
    Tokyo, Moscow 0.13
    Singapore 0.081
    São Paulo 0.15
    Silicon Valley, Toronto, Frankfurt 0.077
    Bangkok, Mumbai 0.1
    Virginia 0.075

    Pricing examples

    CVM1, CVM2, and CVM3 in a VPC of the Guangzhou region access the public network through a small NAT gateway. During 07:00:00 - 07:59:59, a total of 10 GB of traffic is used. The charges at 08:00:00 are as follows:
    Network fee: 0.12 USD/GB × 10 GB = 1.2 USD. The NAT gateway is charged a network fee of 1.2 USD.
    Gateway fee: 0.089 USD. The small NAT gateway in Guangzhou region is charged 0.089 USD/hour.
    Total fee = 1.2 USD + 0.089 USD = 1.289 USD

    Bill-by-IP account

    The network fee is settled on EIP. For details, see Public Network Fee.

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