Product Advantages

Last updated: 2020-01-06 14:49:13

Benefits With Auto Scaling Without Auto Scaling
Automatic Automatically scale instances without manual intervention

AS automatically creates and removes CVM instances in a real time and dynamic way based on the business load, ensuring that you are running the optimal number of instances without manual intervention.

For example, you can set a scaling policy to add new CVM instances to the scaling group when the CPU utilization is high, and the added CVM instances will be charged by the second. Similarly, you can also set a policy to remove instances from the scaling group when the CPU utilization is low. If your load changes are predictable, you can set a scheduled task to plan your scaling activities.

The added instances can also be directly associated with the existing cloud load balancer (CLB) to allow the added instances in the scaling group to share the distributed traffic and to improve service availability. You can also send an alarm to the admin to keep an eye on any exceptions.
Cumbersome manual operation

Manual creation and termination of resources, and the cloud load balancer needs to be configured manually.
Manual operation is error-prone, which can impact the business.
Cost Saving Appropriate scaling of instances reduces costs

AS helps you maintain an optimal number of instances for variable business demands. When the demand rises, AS will automatically add new CVM instances rapidly, and when the demand drops, AS will automatically remove unnecessary instances accordingly. This improves device utilization and reduces the costs of deployment and instances.
Idle resources result in waste

Extra CVMs need to be reserved to ensure the application always has enough capacity to meet demand.
Fault Tolerance AS automatically checks instances' health

Once AS detects a faulty instance, it will automatically create a healthy instance to replace the faulty one. This ensures that your application is getting the computing capacity as you expect so that your business can run normally and smoothly.
Unable handle faulty instances in time

Faulty instances are not replaced until the business interruption is discovered, which compromises business availability.