Scaling Activity Cancelled

Last updated: 2020-08-17 11:12:41

A scaling activity will be canceled under such conditions that a conflict occurs when the scaling activity is triggered as the scheduled task starts or the requirement of the alarm scaling policy is met.

Causes of Conflict:

  • Other scaling activities are in progress.
  • The scaling group is under cooldown period.

Will the alarm scaling activity be rebooted if canceled?

  • No, the alarm scaling activity cannot be rebooted if canceled. If the requirements for alarm scaling are met, another alarm scaling activity will be triggered.
  • Scheduled task defines the expected, maximum and minimum group size, so the scaling group will keep trying until the actual number of instances equals the expected number of instances.

Note: A suspended scaling group does not try any scaling activity. That's why such activity is not recorded as canceled scaling activity in the "Scaling Activity".

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