SSL Certificate Brands

Last updated: 2021-06-30 10:55:40

    Certificate Brands and Models

    Tencent Cloud provides the following brands of SSL certificates for sale:

    Certificate Brand Description
  • SecureSite is the world's largest information security service provider and most reputable digital certificate issuer. It provides a wide spectrum of content and network security solutions to individuals, businesses, and service providers.
  • 93% of Fortune Global 500 companies choose VeriSign SSL digital certificates. SecureSite acquired VeriSign in August 2010, changed VeriSign's product name and brand logo in April 2012, and since then has been providing the VeriSign verification service.
  • GeoTrust
  • GeoTrust, the world's second-largest digital certificate authority (CA) and a leader in identity verification and trust certification, provides state-of-the-art technologies that enable organizations and companies of all sizes to deploy SSL digital certificates securely and cost-effectively and to implement a wide range of identity verifications.
  • GeoTrust was founded in 2001, and by 2006, it accounted for 25% of the global market. VeriSign acquired GeoTrust for 125 million USD in May-September 2006, and is now another cost-effective SSL certificate brand under SecureSite.
  • TrustAsia
  • TrustAsia, a brand under Yashu Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd in the field of information security, is a SecureSite platinum partner. TrustAsia specializes in providing businesses with complete network security services including digital certificates.
  • TrustAsia SSL certificates are issued using Digicert root certificates.
  • GlobalSign
  • Founded in 1996, GlobalSign is a reputable and trusted CA and provider of SSL certificates with more than 20 million SSL certificates issued worldwide.
  • A great number of server providers, domain name registrars, and system service providers in the Chinese market prefer GlobalSign and partner with it for digital certification services.
  • WoTrus WoTrus, operated by WoTrus CA Limited, is an internationally verified CA that has also obtained the electronic certification service license (issued by the MIIT) of China. It provides third-party digital identity verification for organizations and issues globally trusted digital certificates.
    DNSPod GM (SM2) Tencent’s DNSPod adopts the GM standard and is completely China-developed. Supported by well-reputed CAs in China, it is highly convenient and efficient, and meets the regulatory requirements of China.

    Brand Differences

    The certificates of different brands vary depending on the browser address bar, encryption level, and the level guaranteed compensation. The most important difference lies in their root certificates. For example, a GeoTrust wildcard certificate is issued using a GeoTrust root certificate, while a SecureSite wildcard certificate is issued using a SecureSite root certificate. Digicert root certificates are compatible with all browsers on the market and also best supports mobile devices. A TrustAsia wildcard certificate is also issued using a Digicert root certificate. A GlobalSign wildcard certificate is issued using a GlobalSign root certificate. A DNSPod certificate is issued using a Wotrus root certificate, and a Wotrus wildcard certificate is issued using a Sectigo root certificate.

    From a technical point of view, the differences between SecureSite (formerly VeriSign) and GeoTrust are as follows:

    • Compatibility: SecureSite outperforms GeoTrust. SecureSite is compatible with all browsers on the market as well as many mobile devices.
    • OCSP response speed: SecureSite outperforms GeoTrust.
    • CA security: SecureSite outperforms GeoTrust. As an internationally renowned security vendor, SecureSite provides the best CA security in the world.
    • Data security: in addition to encrypted data transmission, SecureSite certificates provide malware scanning and vulnerability assessment features.
    • Certificate commercial insurance compensation: SecureSite (up to 1.75 million USD) outperforms GeoTrust (up to 1.5 million USD).