Applying for Connection

Last updated: 2021-02-26 15:41:06

    All connection access applications (including BM and ECN) need to be initiated and completed in the console. Tencent Cloud Direct Connect is only available to certified Tencent Cloud organizational customers.
    Complete the application for and setup of Tencent Cloud connection by following these steps:

    Applying in the Console

    1. Log in to the Direct Connect console.
    2. Click +New to initiate an application for connection.
      You will be required to enter the following information:
    Parameter Description Remarks
    Connection Name Enter a name for your connection. You can change this later.
    Connection Provider Select from the following options: CTCC, CMCC, CUCC, other Chinese mainland carriers (for a connection provided by carriers in the Chinese mainland rather than the three listed out), and outside the Chinese mainland (for a connection provided by carriers outside the Chinese mainland). -
    Access Location The access point for your Tencent Cloud connection. Nearby access is recommended. Generally, two or more access points are available in one Tencent Cloud region, implementing two-connection disaster recovery.
    Cloud port type The port used to connect your connection with the Tencent Cloud access device Select the port type based on your bandwidth. You can consult with your connection provider or Tencent Cloud's architect or after-sales manager.
    Your Premise Enter your detailed address. The floor of the IDC should be provided in the detailed address.
    Bandwidth Cap
    • Set a bandwidth cap within 1-1000 Mbps for a gigabit port.
    • Set a bandwidth cap within 1-10000 Mbps for a 10-gigabit port.
    Carrier Circuit ID The unique circuit ID of this connection provided by the carrier -
    Redundant Connection A second connection for the primary/secondary configuration, instead of having both connections connecting to the same device. This way avoids single points of failure. The primary/secondary configuration is to avoid two connections connecting to the same access point. To configure primary and secondary dedicated tunnels, you need to apply for them on the Dedicated Tunnels console.
    Applicant Name The name of the contact person for Direct Connect. -
    Applicant Mobile The mobile number of the contact person for Direct Connect. -
    Applicant Email The email address of the contact person for Direct Connect. -

    Reviewing Resources and Designing Solutions

    • After your application is submitted, Tencent Cloud’s Direct Connect representative will comprehensively assess Direct Connect resources and then check with you the service details over the phone. After the connection is confirmed to be accessible, its status becomes Pending paid.

    • Your connection application may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

      • Inaccurate information: the access information you entered is incomplete. Please modify your application according to the feedback of the Direct Connect representative, and submit again.
      • Insufficient resources: the access port or uplink bandwidth resources are insufficient. Please submit a new application after the Direct Connect representative confirms the resource availability.
      • Ineligibility: the connection is only available to large-scale organizational customers. After you are eligible, resubmit an application.

    Completing the Payment

    After your application is approved, you need to complete the payment on the console. Then the Direct Connect representative will accept the access request and coordinate resources for the connection construction. After the connection is completed and accepted, the connection status becomes Running. Perform the following steps to make the payment:

    You can make the payment once your application is approved.

    1. Log in to the Direct Connect console.
    2. Locate the connection to be paid for in the connection list, and click Pay Now.
    3. Confirm the Direct Connect information in the pop-up window, and click OK.
    4. Access the billing platform to complete the payment.

    Configuring Alarm Recipient

    After a connection is created, Tencent Cloud automatically configures the following metric alarm for its bandwidth utilization, helping you monitor and manage your connection.

    Metric Statistical Period Condition Threshold Duration Policy
    dc_band_rate 1 minute >= 80% Continuous 5 periods Alarms every day

    This default alarm policy is not provided with a recipient, so you can only view alarms in the console Message Center. To configure a recipient, perform the following steps.

    1. Log in to the Cloud Monitor console and select Alarm Configuration > Alarm Policy in the left side bar.
    2. Select Dedicated Line channel for the Product Type in the top right of the Alarm Policy page.
    3. Perform the following operations as needed.
      • Configure alarm recipient objects
        1. Click the name of the target default policy in the alarm policy list.
        2. Click Edit under the Alarm Recipient Object and select object from the list in the pop-up window. You can also click Add Recipient Group to configure new user groups.
      • Modify an alarm policy
        1. Click the name of the target default policy in the alarm policy list.
        2. Click Edit next to Hit Condition and modify the trigger conditions in the pop-up window. For more information on the metric alarm, please see the “Metric Alarms” section in Alarm Overview. After completing the modification, click Save.
      • Set a default policy
        If the default alarm policy cannot meet your needs, you can select a custom alarm policy and click Set Default under the Policy Type column. Then the selected alarm policy will automatically apply to connections being created afterwards.

    Subsequent Operations

    After the carrier completes the connection construction, you need to test and accept it by creating a direct connect gateway and a dedicated tunnel. The accepted connection will be in Running status.