Request Structure

Last updated: 2021-12-27 17:11:39

    Service URL

    TPNS currently provides four service access points in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong (China), and Singapore (Southeast Asia). The data between different service access points is completely isolated. Based on the service access point you selected when creating a product, a service URL is obtained.

    The table below lists the service URLs currently available:

    Service Access Point Service URL
    Service access point in Guangzhou, China
    Service access point in Shanghai, China
    Service access point in Hong Kong, China
    Service access point in Singapore

    Communication Protocol

    All TencentCloud APIs communicate over HTTPS, which provides high security.

    Request Method

    The supported HTTP request methods are as follows:POST

    POST requests support the following content types:

    1. application/json.
    2. multipart/form-data (only supported by certain APIs).

    Character Encoding

    Only UTF-8 encoding is used.