Server Error Codes

Last updated: 2020-01-15 10:08:08


The common errors of the TPNS rest API mainly include the following:

Error code English descriptor Error description Feedback API
1008001 paramter parse error Parameter parse error General API
1008002 missing parameter Required parameter missing General API
1008003 auth failure Verification and authentication failed General API
1008004 invoke service error Calling internal service failed General API
1008006 invalid token Token invalid: please check it Tag operation and account operation APIs
1008007 invalid parameter Parameter verification failed General API
1008011 upload file error File upload failed Certificate upload API and number package upload API
1008012 upload empty file Uploaded file is empty Certificate upload API and number package upload API
1008013 parse certificate error Certificate parse failed Certificate upload API
1008015 push id not exist Push task ID does not exist Statistics query API
1008016 date param formate error Incorrect date and time parameter format Statistics query API
1008019 content may be evil Determined to be discordant by the content security service Push API
10010005 internal error Push target does not exist Push API
1008026 batch op,partly error Batch operation partially failed Account binding and query API
1008027 batch op,total error Batch operation fully failed Account binding and query API
10110008 no token,no account Queried token and account do not exist Account binding and query API