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Probing a Dedicated Tunnel

Last updated: 2021-03-11 11:18:05

    The Direct Connect console provides a tunnel tool that sends a detection packet from Tencent Cloud IP to customer IP to test the network connectivity. After a dedicated tunnel is created or modified, we recommend using the tunnel tool to test the connection between Tencent Cloud and IDC.


    • Modifying the bandwidth is currently in beta. To try it out, please submit a ticket.
    • The dedicated tunnel should be a 2.0 tunnel, which can be checked on the Basic Information page.


    1. Log in to the Direct Connect console and click Dedicated Tunnels on the left sidebar to access the Dedicated Tunnels page.
    2. Click the ID/Name of the target dedicated tunnel to enter its details page.
    3. Select the Tunnel Tool tab.
    4. Configure the number and volume of the packets, and click Start Probing. Determine if the network is connected based on the loss delay.
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