Product Overview

Last updated: 2020-06-05 17:53:57


    With the development of science and technology, the number and type of resources have also increased, and the classification of useful resources has helped to improve work efficiency, so more and more people like to use tags to organize their own resource files. Tags can be sorted by factors such as keywords and similarity of content to allow easy search and locating in the future. This makes tag management development increasingly important.
    The increasing quantity of resources created by Tencent Cloud users poses higher requirements for resources management. Tencent Cloud provides Tag service to allow users to query and manage resources quickly and efficiently. With Tag service, users can classify and manage existing Tencent Cloud resources and perform resource planning by using preset tags. Tags are words or phrases that act as metadata to identify and organize Tencent Cloud resources. The tag limit varies with the resource, but most resources can have up to 50 tags.

    One tag can be applied to multiple resources, and one resource can have multiple tags.


    1. Register and log in to your Tencent Cloud account, and then enter the Tag Console.
    2. You can perform the following two operations in the Tag Console:
      • Associate existing resources with tags and create a list of existing resources.
      • Create a tag key list.