Use Limits

Last updated: 2021-02-09 11:01:46

    Use Restrictions

    ● Each resource supports up to 50 tag keys.
    ● Each resource can be associated with one tag value of a tag key at a time.
    ● Each user can create up to 1,000 tag keys.
    ● Each tag key can have up to 1,000 tag values.

    Naming Conventions

    Item Tag Key Tag Value
    Naming conventions Tag keys starting with qcs: or project: are system reserved tag keys. Do not use these prefixes when you create a tag key. -
    In UTF-8, a tag key must be 1 to 127 Unicode characters. In UTF-8, a tag value must be 1 to 255 Unicode characters.
    You can use UTF-8-encoded characters, digits, spaces, and special characters (+-=._:/@()[]()【】) to name a tag key or value.
    The names are case-sensitive.