Usage Limits

Last updated: 2021-08-24 14:49:28


    • A tag consists of 1 tag key and 1 tag value (tagKey:tagValue).
    • Each resource can have 50 tags at most.
    • For each resource, each tag key can have only 1 value.


    Tag Key Tag Value
    Tag keys starting with `qcs:` or `project:` are reserved for Tencent Cloud use. Do not use the prefixes when you create a tag key. -
    In UTF-8, a tag key must be 1 to 127 Unicode characters. In UTF-8, a tag value must be 1 to 255 Unicode characters.
    Supports UTF-8-encoded characters, digits, spaces, and special characters (+-=._:/@()[]()【】)
    Tag keys and values are case sensitive.