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Use Limits

Last updated: 2021-07-21 14:31:15

    This document describes the use limits of bandwidth packages.


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    Account Types

    To learn about your account type, see Checking Account Type.

    Account TypeAvailable Bandwidth Package
    Bill-by-CVM accountDevice bandwidth package
    IP bandwidth package (only available to elastic IPv6 addresses, IPv6 CLB instances and static single-line EIPs)
    Bill-by-IP accountIP bandwidth package

    Bandwidth Packages

    LimitDevice Bandwidth PackageIP Bandwidth Package
    QuotaOnly one device bandwidth package can be activated in each region.Up to 20 IP bandwidth packages can be activated in one region.
    • The device bandwidth package in a region cannot be used together with any other billing mode.
    • After a device bandwidth package is activated in a region, all the CVM and CLB instances in the region will be automatically billed in the bandwidth package. The original fees billed by monthly subscription will be refunded after being converted based on the number of hours actually used.
    The IP bandwidth package can be used together with other billing modes such as monthly bandwidth subscription, hourly bandwidth, and bill-by-traffic in the same region.
    ResourceResources cannot be added.
    • Currently, monthly-subscribed EIPs and public IPs cannot be added to IP bandwidth packages.
    • Up to 100 resources including EIPs, public IPs, elastic IPv6 addresses, and CLB instances in the same region can be added to a single IP bandwidth package.

    Peak Bandwidth

    Peak BandwidthDescription
    Single instanceThe peak bandwidth of instances including public IP and EIP in a single bandwidth package is 2 Gbps. The peak bandwidth is only regarded as the maximum bandwidth for reference, and not as the committed bandwidth. When bandwidth resources are contested, the peak bandwidth may be limited.
    Single regionThe sum of peak bandwidths of all the running instances billed on bandwidth packages cannot exceed 50 Gbps in one region. If your application requires a guaranteed or higher bandwidth, contact your sales rep or submit a ticket. In this case, you need to pay the guaranteed bandwidth fee on a pro rata basis.
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