Last updated: 2020-05-08 17:23:18

    What is Tencent Cloud Bandwidth Package?

    Tencent Cloud Bandwidth Package (BWP) is a multi-IP aggregated traffic billing method. If you enable BWP in the Guangzhou region, all your devices in this region can be billed by BWP.

    How Do I Enable BWP?

    BWP is in beta now. Please submit an application for it.

    What Types of BWP Are Available?

    There are two types of Tencent Cloud BWPs, Device BWP and IP BWP. For more information, see Product Types.

    What Is the Difference Between Both Types of BWP?

    • When Device BWP is enabled, all CVMs and CLBs in the region will be automatically billed by in the package.
    • When IP BWP is enabled, all public IPs, EIPs and CLBs added to the package will be billed in the package.

    How Do I Delete My BWP?

    Log in to the BWP console and click Delete. After the BWP is deleted, all your devices in it will be billed by traffic.