Last updated: 2021-03-09 15:20:54

    What does the ReplyToAddresses parameter mean?

    It indicates the email address that the reply message is sent to. For example, when someone receives you email and click “reply”, the reply email will be sent to the address specified by you in ReplyToAddresses

    When I tried to send emails, I got the error “FailedOperation.ExceedSendLimit”, indicating that the daily email sending limit has been reached. What is the limit? Can I raise the limit?

    Each account can send at most 300,000 emails per day by default. To raise the limit, contact Tencent Cloud Technical Support.

    How should I enter the Template.TemplateData in the SendEmail API?

    {} means that no variable is passed in. For details, see the TemplateData field in the API documentation.